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York Region Bullying Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week

Poplar Bank Public School students and staff were totally on board with their determination to conquer bullying on Friday. Teacher/Presenter, Bruce Langford offered three different assemblies to the students with videos, songs and role-plays by Poplar Bank’s own students. Vice-Principal Jennifer Diceman expressed her satisfaction with all that she saw and heard in the assemblies.Poplar Bank Public School Picture
“Speak up, tell an adult”, one student said when commenting about bullying. Another talked about helping her friend in a bullying situation. “We can all make a difference, if we really try!”, claimed one grade 7 student. Many students were extra pumped because they remembered DJ Benny DL from a previous visit last year when they remembered the ‘Cyberbullying – Got 2 Go’ assembly. “Will you sing that same song about passwords again?” one student asked before the show. 

Poplar Bank Bell

We learned a little history about Poplar Bank as well. The original Poplar Bank School was built of logs and was located at Yonge Street and Poplar Bank Sideroad. It was replaced in 1862 and used until 1965.  Poplar Bank

Old Poplar Bank School Building

has some of it’s history on display including the bell from the old school house.
Contact Bruce Langford at ‘Stand Up Now Productions’ 1-800-901-8831 to book assemblies for your school.

Bullying Tips for Kids in Toronto School with DJ Benny DL

Benny DL rocked the house in Toronto today with cool songs and bullying tips for kids as he went on the air live at Lynngate Public School in Toronto (Scarborough). Staff and students gave the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ shows two thumbs up as Bruce Langford (aka Benny DL) gave out prizes, showed videos, and featured role-plays by Lynngate’s own students.
Lynngate really believes in living respect and growing character. That is proven when you meet the children and glance around the halls.

This poem spotted on the wall is only one of the signs of proof:

Watch your thoughts;
they become words.
Watch your words;
they become actions.
Watch your actions;
they become habits.
Watch your habits;
they become character;
Watch your character;
it becomes your destiny.
                      Frank Outlaw

 Lynngate School Principal, Ms. Diane Kriksciunas, remarked that the assemblies were ‘simply excellent’ after watching her students interact with presenter Bruce Langford of Stand Up Now Productions.
Here are three tips to help you deal with bullying in your life:
1. In some cases, ignore the bullying. The bully is often trying to test you to see if you will lose your cool. Don’t lose your cool!
2. Tell a parent, teacher or other adult if you feel you are being bullied. If you get no help, talk to someone else or ask the original person again. Call Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868) if you have no one else to talk to.
3. Try to keep acting and looking confident. Don’t let the bullying think he or she is winning.

Contact Bruce Langford at 1-800-901-8831 or by emailing through the website: www.standupnow.ca

Bullying Hurts, Bystanders Can Make a Difference!

That was the message sent out by Bruce Langford at Clark Boulevard Public School in Brampton today. Bruce is DJ Benny DL with radio station ATFM.
Children acted out scenarios where it was clear the bystander could change the series of events. Then ATFM went on the air to talk about it and take callers.

Behavioural Teaching Assistant, Mary Lou Hughes was pleased. “Great follow-up to what we’ve been doing with Kelso’s Choice,” she said.

Kelso's Choice at Clark Blvd School

Kelso's Choice at Clark Blvd School

Principal Jay Suganan was impressed with the ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies and felt that the messages fit in well with Clark Boulevard’s School focus.

Clark Boulevard Public School

Clark Blvd School, Brampton

Stand Up Now Back to School Bullying Prevention

Ottawa Bullying Prevention

Ottawa Stand Up Against Bullying Tour

Welcome back to school everyone! May the 2010-2011 school year be as bully free as possible! We wish you all well as you start back for a new year of learning and dealing with social situations. Stand Up Now is booked solid with bullying prevention programs across the region.
Our Stand Up Now Ottawa tour is planned for October 2010. We will visit schools in Ottawa including St. James Catholic School in Kanata, Guardian Angels Catholic School in Stittsville and St. Anne Catholic School in Kanata. Windsor School visits will include General Brock and Dougall Avenue Public School. Toronto, London, Burlington and Waterloo are only a few of our bullying prevention destinations.
The Stand Up Against Bullying Guy is ready to head off to your school with songs, videos and multimedia to wow the crowds.
Contact us to book assemblies for your school. 1-800-901-8831
Email us at  info@standupnow.ca

Evaluations of Bruce Langford’s Bullying Prevention Programs

Bruce Langford, Singer

Bruce Langford, Bullying Prevention Advocate

Here are some of the most recent comments from Bruce Langford’s Character Education and Anti-Bullying shows.

“Excellent presentations with very relevant information on many different aspects of the internet!”
Carol Hagerman (VP) William G. Davis Senior PS, Cambridge

“I would absolutely endorse Bruce Langford’s assemblies. Your way of presenting really worked for our grade 7/8 students!”
Kim Stenhouse (Teacher) William G. Davis Senior PS, Cambridge

“Bruce Langford’s presentations have the wow factor. You really captured our students at Derrydown!”
Al Copeti (Teacher) Derrydown School, Toronto

“I really liked the way you tied the show into our Character Education focus here at Copeland. I also liked that you brought music into it!”
Lynn Dirks (Principal) Copeland PS, Brampton

“I would recommend the Stand Up Now performance to any other interested schools. Bruce Langford was fantastic and he delivered dynamic, energetic content which stimulated the interest of our students – even our intermediates!”
Ghada Sadaka (Vice Principal) Brownridge Public School, Thornhill

“Bruce Langford’s Cyberbullying assemblies were fun, interactive and informative. I would recommend this for other schools!”
Rita Santo (Principal) Santa Maria Catholic School, Toronto

“The Stand Up Against Bullying assemblies were really, really good! The role-plays really engaged the audience!”
Frank Thomson, (Occasional Teacher) York Region DSB (Kleinburg & Mt. Albert)

“Our students were completely engaged with the ‘Stand Up Now’ assemblies! Your words resonated with the students, staff and parents. Thank you.”
Rob Samson (Principal) Father F.X. O’Reilly Catholic School, Tottenham

“The assemblies were fantastic. A very engaging way to deliver the message!”
Chris Konrad (VP) Hugh Beaton PS, Windsor

“What a special morning you provided for us! It will be followed up in our classrooms for months to come. This is such a crucial topic for Christian young people to ponder and experience. May the Lord bless your ministry!”
Karen Gerritsma (Principal) Beacon Christian School, St. Catherines

“Bruce Langford’s ‘Respect’ program was well received by the students. His poignant message is one for all ages.”
Jennifer Scudamore (Teacher) Valley Way PS, Niagara Falls

“Our school had the opportunity to participate in Bruce Langford’s presentation about what we can do about bullying and how much it hurts people when they are bullied. The messages really got through to my children!”
Cathy Stewart (Gr 4 Teacher) Brigadoon PS, Kitchener

Book Bruce Langford as a keynote speaker for teachers, parents or children. Phone Stand Up Now at 1-800-901-8831 or email bruce@standupnow.ca

Cyber-Safety/Cyber-Bullying Presentations by Speaker Presenter Bruce Langford (Ontario)

William G. Davis School, Cambridge

William G. Davis Middle School, Cambridge Ontario

A Cyber-safety tip for you:
Don’t meet people you have met on-line.

You’ve been chatting for three months. You know the person so well you consider them a good friend. They read the same magazines you do. They watch the same TV shows. They play the same computer games.
Then why not meet up when you get a chance?
Answer: As strange as it seems, even though you feel you know this person as well as any of your friends, they actually may not be the person you think. This may not be a 13 year old girl, but instead a 43-year-old man who is trying to lure people to locations.

The above scenario is based on a role-play we did at William G. Davis Public School in Cambridge. The role-play has powerful impact when student actors play the characters, including the two police officers who end up meeting the 13-year-olds at the mall.

Following the grade 7/8 student Cyber-bullying assemblies, we received the following comments:
“Excellent presentations with very relevant information on many different aspects of the internet!”
Carol Hagerman, Vice-Principal, William G. Davis Public School, Cambridge

“I would absolutely endorse Bruce Langford’s assemblies. Your way of presenting really worked for our grade 7/8 students!”
Kim Stenhouse, Teacher, William G. Davis Public School, Cambridge

“That was great! I really liked your interactive approach with the live music and acting.”
Nancy McKinnon, Teacher, William G. Davis Public School, Cambridge

To book programs for your school, visit www.standupnow.ca or phone Stand Up Now at 1-800-901-8831

Primary Assemblies About Bullying Prevention in Toronto, Ontario

Bullying at Percy Williams Junior Public School

Bullying Prevention at Percy Williams Junior Public School

What does tattling have to do with bullying?

At first glance they seem like totally separate issues. When we take a closer look, we realize that the two behaviors are closely linked.

Tattling is common with many children as the behavior is often a means of exercising power, an attention seeking mechanism or a self-esteem issue. From my experience, tattling behavior tends to slow down by ages 8-10. By the time children reach 12-14, some students will do almost anything to avoid being labeled a snitch.
Whether the tattling is attributed to power, self-esteem issues, or attention-seeking, children need to understand that when someone is in danger, reporting to a responsible adult is an absolute must. Sometimes bullying behaviours are overlooked because children choose not to report.

In ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies, we simplify the concept with practical examples so even young children can understand:
Tattling: Trying to get someone into trouble.
Telling: Trying to get someone out of trouble.

During today’s Bullying Prevention Presentation at Percy Williams Junior Public School in Scarborough (Toronto), we taught this concept with a song called “Telling or Tattling”. Following the assembly, grade two teacher, Elena Cherem commented:
“Bruce Langford’s ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assembly was excellent for my children! My students started using examples about tattling right away after the assembly. It helped them have a clearer understanding of do’s and don’t about bullying.”
Teacher, Jacqueline King was also impressed with the ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ programs and will be a reference for Bruce Langford and Stand Up Now Productions.
Contact Bruce at www.bruce-langford.com to arrange student or parent school bullying-prevention presentations. Bruce Langford is a professional bullying prevention speaker and presenter located in Ontario, Canada.

Middle School Assemblies (Ontario) About Bullying & Bystanders

Middle School Bullying Prevention Presentation

Middle School Bullying Prevention Presentation

Bystanders can make a big difference if they decide to do something to stop the meanness. Our anti-bullying school assemblies for intermediate students using videos, role-plays and music will teach your kids how the bystander can make a positive difference. Students tell us they relate to the bullying scenarios in the role-plays we teach. In the video below, a kid gets bullied as he walks down the stairs, but wait … is there a twist? See what someone decides to do. See how one person can make a difference in a matter of seconds. This shows how bystanders can become winners.
Book school assemblies with Stand Up Now Productions telephone number 1-800-901-8831  or email info@standupnow.ca

Ontario School Speaker/Presenter Words of Encouragement

Mountain of Inspiration

Mountain of Inspiration

No matter what happens,
We have to keep going, keep positive, somehow.
We’ve got to keep up the fight to Stand Up Against Bullying!
We can do things; we can listen,
We can speak up when we see some of this stuff going on.
We can make sure that we encourage our kids,
Don’t use put-downs; don’t talk about other people in a cruel way.
It’s not acceptable, it’s not ok.
We can all do something to stop the madness,
We can all Stand Up Against Bullying!

We present programs in schools to teach about how to stop the bullying. We use music, videos and role-plays to get the message across loud and clear. We leave follow-up materials for teachers: www.standupnow.ca

Bullying Prevention Assemblies Support Restorative Practices at H.G. Bernard School in York Region

Zera said the teachers and students loved the show!

Zera Hameed, Principal of H.G. Bernard School

We presented our Stand Up Now bullying prevention programs recently at H.G. Bernard Public School in Richmond Hill (York Region District School Board).

They have been dealing with bullying and relationships at their school by encouraging restorative practices. The method of restorative practices is characterized by doing things with children, rather than to them or for them. It encourages participation by students in the learning and decision-making process. Restorative practices generally put emphasis on helping to deal with people and relationships in positive ways.

Principal Zera Hameed made the following comment after the ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies:
“The (Stand Up Against Bullying) program was very interactive and really fit well with the restorative practices we’re doing here. The teachers loved it, the students loved it, and I’m sure we’ll see the results at school.”
Zera Hameed, Principal, H.G. Bernard Public School, Richmond Hill, Ontario.
(Contact Bruce Langford at 1-800-901-8831 or through the Stand Up Now Productions website at www.standupnow.ca)