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Ottawa Stand Up Against Bullying Tour

Welcome back to school everyone! May the 2010-2011 school year be as bully free as possible! We wish you all well as you start back for a new year of learning and dealing with social situations. Stand Up Now is booked solid with bullying prevention programs across the region.
Our Stand Up Now Ottawa tour is planned for October 2010. We will visit schools in Ottawa including St. James Catholic School in Kanata, Guardian Angels Catholic School in Stittsville and St. Anne Catholic School in Kanata. Windsor School visits will include General Brock and Dougall Avenue Public School. Toronto, London, Burlington and Waterloo are only a few of our bullying prevention destinations.
The Stand Up Against Bullying Guy is ready to head off to your school with songs, videos and multimedia to wow the crowds.
Contact us to book assemblies for your school. 1-800-901-8831
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  • I considered myself a bully in primary school, if you read the latest blog on my profile you’ll see how mean I was, however, when I got into secondary school, I realised how immature I wa, and from then on, any people I saw getting bullied I tried to stop.
    The buddy scheme or talks in assembaly actually work, they have certainly made our school, a far more harmonious place.