These programs convey important information to students and staff about our world of technology. What are the dangers? How can children and youth learn to stay safe? This is a detailed look at how to safe-guard yourself in respect to internet safety and cyberbullying. Drama and video are used to help the audience retain the valuable content of this informative program. Topics included are passwords, keeping personal information private, internet etiquette, dealing with online putdowns and more. The primary and junior programs are proactive in preparing JK-6 kids for online experiences in a fun, yet memorable way while social media and texting are central for older students up to grade 12.  Cyberbullying – Got 2 Go is available in four different versions – JK-3, gr 4-6, gr 7-8 & gr 9-12.

* Videos are included to ensure students connect with the message
* We teach role-play to your selected students who perform during the assemblies
* A follow-up package including a DVD and worksheets is included for each division
* We bring all equipment needed including sound system and lights
* We present in your gym to groups of up to 200 students

Here are some details about each program:

Primary (Suitable for JK-3 students – Length 45 minutes):

Fun songs, interactive approach and full of energy. Children will remember the messages through the catchy songs and role-plays performed by their peers.

Junior (Suitable for Grade 4-6 students – Length 45 minutes):

More detailed advice about being savvy in cyberspace. Students will relate to the practical information on chats, social networking, passwords and how to deal with online putdowns.

Intermediate (Suitable for Grades 7-8 students – Length 55 minutes):

This is a discussion based assembly which uses videos, live music and role plays to interest the students in the topic of cyber safety and cyberbullying. Practical advice geared specifically to this age group will be appreciated by students as well as staff.

High School (Suitable for Grades 9-12 students – Length 55 minutes):

A teen look at cyberbullying and ways to become more internet savvy. This discussion based assembly uses videos, and role plays to interest the students in the serious topic of maintaining respect on-line. A look at real-life scenarios and documented media stories makes this presentation a memorable one.