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Bruce Langford is a teacher, presenter, musician and writer who specializes in the topic of bullying prevention. After being a teacher for sixteen years, Bruce began to see a need for school anti-bullying programs back in 2003. He proceeded to create assemblies using music, role-plays and videos which would define bullying, identify the types of bullying and offer strategies for bystanders, people who bully and those being bullied. Students and staff immediately related to the various teaching styles used in the presentations, which were tailor-made for specific age groups.

Bruce has presented his assemblies to more than 740,000 students at 1400 schools since he began in 2003 and has also developed programs on respect and cyber-bullying.
He recently returned from a school tour of the U.S. Virgin Islands where he was the sole presenter at the ‘Stand Up Against Bullying Youth Summit’ for children sponsored by the public Department of Education. Bruce frequently does keynote addresses and workshops on bullying prevention and is constantly working on songs and videos for new programs. Also known as ‘The Stand Up Against Bullying Guy”, Bruce firmly believes that as a society we can work together to eliminate bullying.

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