Our Respect programs focus on virtues which are proven to be an integral part of showing respect to others and consequently being respected. We emphasize how YOU can make a difference by using respectful behaviour to reach out to others. Written and presented by an Ontario teacher with over 16 years teaching experience. These programs are available in four different versions – JK-3, Gr 4-6, Gr 7,8 & Gr 9-12.

* Videos are included in all shows to help students connect with the message
* We teach role-play to your selected students who perform during the assemblies
* A follow-up package including a DVD and worksheets is included for each division
* All programs feature music as a tool to teach students about respect and empathy
* We bring all equipment needed including sound system & set
* We present in your gym to groups of up to 200 students or in classrooms for smaller workshops

Here are some details about each Stand Up For Respect assembly:

Primary (Suitable for JK-3 students – Length 45 minutes):

Your gym is the temporary’on-location’ studio for ATFM’s live radio program. DJ, Benny DL begins the show with the theme song ‘Respect’, which is made up of bits of advice about respect such as: ‘Act how you wanna be treated’ & ‘Often you get what you give’.
After being on air, we move to a video which is a pilot for a TV show called ‘The Adventures of Rockethead’. The video encourages the viewer to take turns, play fair, be polite, be helpful and so on. Benny DL airs some callers whose questions lead into more songs and videos. The song ‘Do What’s Right’ is used as a basis for role-plays which are acted out by your own pre-selected students. Later, Benny DL pulls out his accordion to play along with the entertaining and educational song ‘Spell Respect’ while your children hold up the giant letters of the word. The program wraps up with students at the front moving to the beat of the energetic ‘Respect’ song.


Junior (Suitable for Grade 4-6 students – Length 45 minutes):

We are coming to you live with ATFM radio’s satelite feed while DJ Benny DL banters with his co-host who is back in the studio. The program soon airs live callers and features an expanded version of ‘The Adventures of Rockethead’ which encourages students to take the time to listen, put others first, don’t gossip and encourage others. A video is shown which includes 10 and 11 year old students candidly speaking the lines of a poem called ‘My Stand On Respect’. The program moves ahead with songs and videos interspersed with questions from callers. One song encourages listeners to be confident and focus on the positive. Another tells the story of a person who helped his friend overcome lack of confidence and become accepted by the other students. During this song, Benny DL plays the saxophone live on air. A music video called ‘The Circle’ ends with the positive scenerio of one student who was empowered to change attitudes and behaviours around his school in a noticeable way.


Intermediate (Suitable for Grades 7,8 students – Length 55 minutes):

This is a discussion based assembly which uses videos and role play as a catalyst for student comments and answers to questions fielded by two of your students. The videos cut to the point quickly so that your students have the opportunity to share opinions on a cordless microphone while Bruce moves around the floor with comments and dialogue. We talk about MSN and give a heads up regarding it’s realities. Emphasis is placed on how everyone can play a part in encouraging respect in the community whether it be school or neighbourhood. A music video features a student who decides to change for the better, resulting in improved attitudes and behaviours around the school. The song finishes by pointing out the real changes which happen when someone speaks up rather than choosing to look the other way.