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“The assemblies were fantastic….”
Janice Morrison (VP) South Plympton/Wyoming PS, Wyoming

“…I was really impressed with the amount of student interaction…”
Tessa Heffernan (Gr. 2 teacher) Salem PS, Elora

“…The interactive, anti-bullying message brought to us through music, drama and audience participation was well received!..
Stephanie Zonneville (Core French Teacher) Riverview Central PS, Port Lambton

“…it was a good day – I really liked the differentiation for the three levels…”
Mark Lyall (Vice-Principal) Brookville Public School, Campbellville

This presentation partners perfectly with the concepts we’ve been working on about being respectful citizens.
Wilma Sonneveld-Wright (Principal) Thamesville Area Central School, Thamesville

“…your presentation was very well received by our students and staff… parents at the evening session found your information very helpful and eye opening!”
Kelly Nesbitt (School Council Chair) Prince Charles PS, Newmarket

“…very pleased with the Stand Up Now assemblies presented as part of our Take A Stand Day…”
Sally Cocco (Principal) Garrison Road PS, Fort Erie

“…students leave these assemblies with an increased awareness of how to use the internet safely…”
Greg Krar (Principal) St. Andrew School, Orangeville

“I liked the way you differentiated for the various divisions.”
Barb Tanaka (Teacher) Settlers Green PS, Mississauga

“…You gave the actors confidence. You give the students the words to use and the strategies to deal with bullying…”
Tracy Tait (VP) Plum Tree Park PS Mississauga

“I would absolutely endorse the ‘Stand Up Now’ programs. Our Parent Night was a ‘big’ success! I am already spreading the word to other schools.”
Lillian Rota (VP) Tecumseh PS, Chatham

“The Stand Up Now assemblies were really, really good! We want to have you back next September.”
Gail Blackman (Teacher Librarian) Ross Doan PS, Richmond Hill

“The ‘Safe Schools Concert’ was terrific – two thumbs up!”
Linda Honsinger (Principal) Plum Tree Park PS, Mississauga

“You presented bullying prevention programs which really worked for our school and you addressed ‘conscience’ as our November virtue!”
Pino Sestito (VP) St. Thomas More Catholic School, Mississauga

“We were very pleased with the Stand Up Now assemblies and would recommend the programs to other interested schools!”
Arnis Pukitis (Principal) Whitchurch Highlands PS, Stouffville

“Our students responded very positively to the assemblies!”
Sue Reid (Teacher) Robert H. Lagerquist Sr PS, Brampton

“We found these grade 7/8 assemblies to be a very positive experience for our students!”
Amadeo Stolfi (Principal) King George PS, Guelph

“You really hit the key points about bullying. The message is clear, concise and to the point…”
Soni Gill (Vice-Principal) McBride Avenue PS, Mississauga

“That was a great message for our grade 7 & 8’s. Well done!”
David DaSilva (Grade 8 Teacher) St. Francis of Assisi CS, Mississauga

“…My grade 5/6 students loved the songs which were filled with catchy, easy-to-remember messages…”
Carol Dumais (Teacher) East Lambton Elementary School, Watford

“The presentations will be used as a springboard for discussions…”
Paul Woodley (Principal) Thomas Street Middle School, Mississauga

“…The interactive format was perfect as a kick-off to our character initiative…”
Paul Fiorini (Principal) W.G. Davis PS, Brampton

“…You incorporate a wonderful mix of music, discussion, relevant videos and role playing to keep the studentsattention…”
Tom Dorsey (Principal) Hon Earl Rowe PS, Bradford

“…All grade teachers reported positive feedback and liked the way the messages about bullying were relayed. The students enjoyed the upbeat presentation…”
Sina McCracken (Teacher) St. Raymond CS, Mississauga

“…The hour long, multi-media presentation by Stand Up Now Productions offers a tailored made program to counter bullying in your school and community…”
Joy Antoniuk (Principal) Hullett Central PS, Londesborough

“You’ve really made an impact…”
Andrea Jack (Principal) Lakeview PS, Grimsby

“I really like the differentiation for the three levels – great dialogue in the grade 7/8 assembly.”
Mark Lyall (Vice Principal) Brookville PS, Campbellville

“Informative, enthusiastic assemblies … ”
Mike Hawkins (Principal) Eastview PS, Oakville

“Very interactive program…had a profound effect on the kids.”
Suzanne Kelly (Principal) Upper Thames ES, Mitchell

“…excellent presentation that taught and showed students respect…”
Liz Thompson (Teacher) Transfiguration Catholic School, Etobicoke

“…energetic and purposeful show…students were engaged from the very beginning to the end.”
Ross MacSorley (Principal) Romeo PS , Stratford

“A very interactive program that kept the students’ attention.”
Sue Guest (Vice Principal) Westwood PS, Guelph

“It was amazing how you got the 7/8’s to talk seriously about the topic of bullying.”
Kim McNamara(Principal) St. Monica Catholic Elementary School, Brampton

“Your program was fast paced and informative and I was thrilled to see the attentive behavior of our students..”
Heather Deslippe (Guidance Counsellor) Greenbriar Senior Public School, Brampton

“Your high energy and musical talent helped to deliver your meaningful message about respect in a fun and entertaining way.”
Kathy Anderson (Principal) Folkstone PS, Brampton

“I have already made plans to book the presentation for the Fall…..I would recommend his presentation to all intermediate grades.”
Ab Henshaw (Principal) Harriston Senior PS, Harriston

“I found the message to be excellent and your mode of presenting it just as great.”
Tina Marano ( Librarian) Blessed Trinity Catholic School, Mississauga

“…The attentiveness, smiles, laughs and participation told me our money was well spent…”
Patricia Kenyon (Principal) St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School, Brampton

“Your use of volunteers was so key to making this experience memorable – as was your enthusiasm and dramatic energy!”
Kim Allison (Teacher/Librarian) Bruce T. Lindley PS, Burlington

“Strong message consistently delivered …”
George Consitt (Principal) St. Julia Catholic Elementary School, Mississauga

“Finally – a program where kids participate and get it!”
Doris Muelli (Child and Youth Worker) Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board

“…an energetic, upbeat, yet serious performance, packed with great information. And the students got the message!!!”
Lucia D’Arrisso (Teacher-Librarian) St. Julia Catholic School, Mississauga

“…thank you for your encouraging message to our children … I will pass your name along to collegues.”
Katherine Derma (Acting V. P.) Willow Way PS, Mississauga

“I was impressed with the research, media links and preparation… the best recommendation that I can give is that I am looking forward to having Mr. Langford back in the fall.”
Sarah Calvert (Vice Principal) St. Rita Catholic School, Brampton

“…lively, relevant, engaging, catching the interest of the kids while presenting a key message about bullies…”
Sue Roszell (Principal) Frontenac PS, Burlington

“both assemblies were just what we were looking for… I’m sure you will be called back in the future.”
Kristen Buckingham (Teacher) Queen Elizabeth Sr. PS, Mississauga

“…the topic of MSN and the internet was especially interesting to our students.”
Lora McKeown(Teacher-Librarian) Queen of Heaven Catholic School, Mississauga

“…sent powerful messages to all students regarding the importance of being respectful… Bruce’s ability to keep students focused, participating and interested resulted from his effective delivery… I would highly recommend Bruce’s programs.”
William Schuster (Principal) St. Simon Stock Catholic School, Mississauga

“Inspirational presentation! Really hit home with the topic of bullying!”
Lana House (Teacher-Librarian) St. Cecilia Catholic School, Brampton

“…rich in content, research-based and packaged in music that makes it sizzle!”
Margaret Nimigan (Principal) Tom Thomson PS, Burlington

“I received only positive remarks from every one I asked!”
Karen Franklin – (Vice-Principal) Glenhaven Sr. PS, Burlington

“…messages were motivational, meaningful and reinforced the basics of respectful behaviour and anti-bullying strategies.”
Jim F. Kemp (Principal) Lockview PS, St. Catharines

“…you have successfully integrated a critical social issue into the arts in a natural way…that makes kids want to listen and dialogue.”
Patti Jones (Principal) Willow Glen PS, Mississauga

“…upbeat, interactive, and ties in with today’s social issues. The follow-up activities and DVD’s help the students to continue their focus on respect!”
Mary Lou Keyes (Principal) Forest Park PS, St. Thomas

“You nailed it! You’ve covered all the key teaching techniques in connecting with the students on respect.”
Sue Bandeen (Principal) Ekcoe Central School, Glencoe

“…amazing performances … both the primary and junior shows were outstanding….kept the children’s attention for the entire presentation.”
Dave Maddocks (Principal) Fessenden School, Ancaster

“…the show is very well crafted, the music upbeat and using additional student performers, Bruce coaches anti-bullying strategies.”
Eva Wilkie (Principal) Madoc Drive PS, Brampton

“…a powerful message was presented to our students about their roles in bullying and bystander behaviour … students were active participants and highly engaged.
Joan Duckitt (Principal) Sir Arthur Carty Catholic School, London

“I appreciate the good foundation you set….the enthusiasm kept the students connected to the message.
Rod Berg (Principal) Holland Marsh District Christian School, Newmarket

“…a hit with both the primary and junior students at our school. The students were captivated by the upbeat energy, high caliber and professional manner of the presenter… It was well worth the cost!
Vee Hayward (Principal) Graham Bell-Victoria School, Brantford

“I have never seen an anti-bullying program with so much variety, energy and information…. Definitely worth the money!
Steven Paas (Vice-Principal) Osprey Woods PS & Plowman’s Park PS, Mississauga

“I know [our students] will come away from the program with many things to reflect on; including their behaviour, and how it affects others…
Christa Ducharme (Teacher) St. James Catholic School, Seaforth

“Your follow-up package looks great and very user friendly. One of the best performances I’ve seen!
Mrs. Ellis (Teacher) Otterville PS, Otterville

“I found Bruce Langford’s style and charisma lent itself to an engaging and inviting atmosphere for our grade 7 and 8 students…
Todd Chisholm (Teacher) St. James Catholic School, Seaforth

“I was very much impressed with the caliber, energy and insightfulness of the performance.
Judy Kwasnica (Teacher on Special Assignment) Thames Valley District School Board

“Totally Awesome! ….Super real-life situations like MSN and how to handle it. Really excellent.
Sharon Scheiding (Occasional Teacher) Thames Valley District School Board

“…I have to congratulate you both on the absolutely fabulous job you are doing…I am incredibly impressed. WOW!!!!
Ann Marie Croeze (Parent) Adelaide-W.G. MacDonald, Strathroy

“You certainly reached our audience because you are truly passionate about children…
Priscilla Mochrie(Vice-Principal) Adelaide Hoodless School, Hamilton

“Excellent presentation and Resource Package. Thanks Bruce – I’d definitely recommend you to other schools….
Betty Steinbock(Teacher) Pauline Johnson School, Hamilton

“upbeat, enthusiastic… I would recommend this production to any school!
Terry Gallagher (Principal) Grange School, Ancaster

“The presentation was top-notch. It certainly kept the interest of the adults as well…
Wendy Jackson(Special Needs Teacher) Indian Creek Road PS, Chatham

“The music, music video, and message were sensational! Very professional! Very sincere! Very inspiring!”
Bob Hutson (Teacher) Zorra Highland Park PS, Embro

“Awesome! Your shows got to the heart of what bullying is really all about…”
Lisa VandenHaak (Vice-Principal) Wellandport Christian School, Wellandport

“Keep up the good work – we need more people like yourself …”
Pat Chershi (Volunteer) Mooretown Courtright PS, Mooretown(Near Sarnia)

“definitely recommend to other schools”
(Teachers) Mooretown Courtright PS, Mooretown (Near Sarnia)

“….radio show format captivates the audiences’ attention while delivering a powerful message about bullying….”
Michael Malek (Vice-Principal) W. O. Mitchell Elementary School, Ottawa

“Right from the opening of the open-line show, the DJ captured the audience with his authentic radio studio format of children and adults calling in ….”
Mary E. Tregunno (Teacher) Castlefrank Elementary School, Ottawa

“The children were mesmorized from the moment it started. I will be highly recommending this presentation….”
Vicki Underwood (Parent and Vice-Chair School Council) Lorne Avenue PS, London

“Parents were impressed with the message, your energy and…. once again thank you for your creative, meaningful, and passionate presentations….”
Linda Dineen (Parent) Harris Heights PS, Ingersoll

“The JK-5 show was so interactive and so engaging that kids were singing the songs at recess …”
Diane Herter (Principal) Sparta PS, St. Thomas

“Thanks for being a part of our mission to help kids be the best they can be…”
Jane Shewfelt (Vice-Principal) Harris Heights PS, Ingersoll

“He continuously repeated the message of standing up against bullying and that everyone can make a difference by being the one person that stands up…”
Dave Westaway (Principal) St. George’s PS, London

“I too was very impressed at the high quality of the presentation. It was professionally executed and very meaningful for the children…”
Bev Urquhart (Principal) Westdale PS, London

“If you are looking for great songs and ideas to improve self respect and build self esteem, Bruce has the goods!…”
Ron Van Belois (Principal) Metcalfe Central School, Strathroy

“Using music, lighting, and audience participation to discuss bullying prevention and support is a great way to involve students …”
Jeanette Johnston (Principal) Ryerson PS, London

“A neat idea – pretending that the kids are part of a live radio audience …”
Cheryl Peach (Principal) Wingham PS, Wingham

“Thank you so much for the fabulous performance….it far exceeded my expectations”
Sheetal Whitehead (Teacher) Westdale PS, London

“The length of the program was ideal with follow-up activities and a CD that could be used in the classroom …”
Linda De Vos (Vice-Principal) Maple Lane/Elliot Fairbairn PS, Tillsonburg

“…original songs and novel ideas to engage students in an action packed program ….”
Ray Hughes (Former Learning Coordinator-Violence Prevention) Thames Valley District School Board, London