Tuesday April 13, 2004

To the owner of Radio Station ATFM
Mr. Bruce Langford

Dear Mr. Langford,

     This morning, the primary students of Castlefrank Elementary School were treated to a most effective presentation direct from the mobile radio studio of ATFM. Right from the opening of the open-line show, the DJ captured the audience with his authentic radio studio format of children and adults calling in with their questions focussed on Bullying issues. Commercial breaks allowed adequate time to discuss topics, to model behaviours (walking confidently, engaging others to play etc.) and to interact with the host. With songs to sing, a music video to watch, opportunities to respond to the host in order to receive a token for their participation, the students remained fully engaged and very attentive throughout the show.

     The radio show integrated a variety of stimulating, multi-media from the songs to the music video, all supporting the message of Anti-bullying. ATFM Radio’s music video captured the essence of bullying on the playground with the song “The Wall”. Each student was captivated by this video as I’m sure they have each seen or experienced the situation of feeling left out.
     I understand that the school will receive a comprehensive teacher package including followup activities and a CD of songs, which will continue the momentum brought to us today by Bruce Langford from Stand Up Against Bullying.
     Thank you for an excellent presentation.


Mary E. Tregunno
Grade One Teacher