Hi Bruce,

I have received only positive remarks from every one I asked. Staff said things like:

– Well done!
– Held interest – special education students were glued for an hour (something outstanding as their attention is easily distracted)
– interactive
– Excellent use of students/interactive/role playing/student opinions valued
– quick paced
– multi media concept was put together well
– live singing performance was energizing
– message was clearly conveyed to all
– first day this year when we have not had students writing behaviour reports in the resp room
– The students felt that it was very interactive, fun, inspiring and that they learned a lot from him
– The videos made them sad because they really hit home with the kids
– The students (6 per grade) that helped him with the Q&A and the roleplaying thought that it was a fantastic leadership opportunity and they had a great time performing in front of their peers

Karen Franklin, Acting Vice-Principal – Glenhaven Sr. P. S., Mississauga