Feedback from a Parent

Hello Bruce and Jennifer!

First off I have to congratulate you both on the absolutely fabulous job you are doing. I saw your program on Thursday and I am incredibly impressed. WOW!!!!

Your program had great involvement with the children in the audience. This was great to have their participation in the program. Their interaction keeps the young students very interested.

I loved when you played the piano. Your message in the song “Please Leave Me Alone” is very powerful and the song was entertaining and upbeat.

The video is great as a visual means of promoting your message. The audience participation was excellent. You had great interaction with “Be A Winner”.

Your song “Stand Up” has a very clear and stong message.

I interviewed my son about your program. He is an SK student (5 1/2) and here is what he had to say.

What did you like about the bullying program?
I liked the prize. I liked the clapping. I liked the singing. I liked asking my question.

What was the show about?
It was about bullies.

What do bullies do?
They just do mean things to people.

Like what types of things?
Things like stealing.

What do bullies do at school?
They laugh at you sometimes. They hit people. They punch them down.

How does the other person who is being bullied feel?
They don’t feel very good. They feel sad.

What should the person being bullied do?
They should go tell the teacher.

What can you do to help someone who has been bullied?
I can help them go into the office and get a pass.

My son then informed me that he was done his questions and wanted to go play.

Bruce & Jennifer, keep up the good work! Your program can only expand and grow. I wish you both success and all the best.


Ann Marie Croeze
(Parent) Adelaide-W.G. MacDonald P.S., Strathroy