The students could be heard singing and talking about the assemblies they attended for days after. The kids enjoyed the “Radio Announcer” format. It certainly kept their attention while receiving some very valuable messages regarding Bullying and Cyberbullying. Bruce, your energy seems to never tire. It was fantastic having the students interact and participate with the show as well. The discussion piece really got the students thinking about their actions and how they can affect their peers. Your mission is a very noble one. Our schools, students, teachers and parents are very lucky to have such a professional creative individual sharing and educating us on how to make our schools a more respectful place. The parents who attended the evening session found your information very helpful and eye opening. The information you shared was very practical and useful. We hope you continue sharing your messages to other schools, helping them be safer and a more accepting place to learn.

Kelly Nesbitt (School Council Chair) Prince Charles PS, Newmarket