Stand Up Now Contributors


Thanks for endorsing our programs!
Visit Block Parents of London’s great web site!
Children’s Safety Village of London
Thanks for your generous support of our program. We all hope to make a difference in a child’s life! Click here to check out the Children’s Safety Village of London.
Mr. Ray Hughes

As former TVDSB Learning Coordinator – Violence Prevention, you have given us terrific support. Thanks for including us as part of the Safe Schools Anti-Bullying Initiative!
Tricia Dutcher of Kid-Safe Productions
Your open and enthusiastic moral support continues to be genuinely appreciated!
Group 3 Screen Print, Belmont, Ontario We sure appreciate the great signs you have produced for our programs!
Andrew H. You really rock! Thanks for all you’ve given to those you don’t even know.
Ben K. Your ‘daydream’ sequence is awesome!
Jessica K. Thanks for your ‘acting’ genius.
Wanda K. Videographer and film editing beyond words!
Benjamin L. Inspiration for this initiative. You make us all smile!
Darlene L. Your expertise as Lois keeps us ‘on track’.
Edith L. Creator of incredible gig bags and travel cases!
Jennifer L. Roadie beyond all! Thanks for your tremendous contribution in every way!
Mary L. Puppet Maker and moral supporter.
Thanks for the ATFM Radio shirts Pam! Great service, great results. Click here to e-mail Pam.
Ms. V’s Grade 6 Class 2003/2004 Enthusiasm and ideas galore from the Grade 6 perspective. You are amazing!
Anita W. Drama Consultant and ‘out-of-the-box’ idea person. Thanks ‘Neet’.
Emma W. You truly inspire children to ‘be a friend’.
All other Actors, Voice Actors and Supporters You know who you are. Thanks for your terrific help!