Bullying Prevention Assemblies Support Restorative Practices at H.G. Bernard School in York Region

Zera said the teachers and students loved the show!

Zera Hameed, Principal of H.G. Bernard School

We presented our Stand Up Now bullying prevention programs recently at H.G. Bernard Public School in Richmond Hill (York Region District School Board).

They have been dealing with bullying and relationships at their school by encouraging restorative practices. The method of restorative practices is characterized by doing things with children, rather than to them or for them. It encourages participation by students in the learning and decision-making process. Restorative practices generally put emphasis on helping to deal with people and relationships in positive ways.

Principal Zera Hameed made the following comment after the ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies:
“The (Stand Up Against Bullying) program was very interactive and really fit well with the restorative practices we’re doing here. The teachers loved it, the students loved it, and I’m sure we’ll see the results at school.”
Zera Hameed, Principal, H.G. Bernard Public School, Richmond Hill, Ontario.
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