Elementary School Bullying Prevention Programs and Video Game Addiction

Video Games and Bullying

An addicted teen gamer?

‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ school assemblies teach relational skills and many aspects of bullying prevention.

A recent study has been released to QMI Agency which could help explain why many teenage boys are not achieving high grades at school. The study found that boys who spend the most time playing video games are also among the same group who spend the least amount of time reading. The study found that in the group of teenagers between 12 and 19 years of age, one in 10 spends more than 10 hours per week playing video games.

The following questions assume that the video game player is playing at least ten hours a week. What do you think?

Can playing video games cause video game addiction?
Can playing video games affect relational skills?
Can playing video games cause people to bully others?
Can playing video games cause people to become a victim of bullying?
Can playing video games cause people to become better readers?

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As parents we need to encourage our children to live balanced lives by spending time on a wide variety of activities. And remember, we need to teach children how to Stand Up Against Bullying! For more information on elementary school bullying prevention programs by Bruce Langford and his team, learn how to stand up against bullying and book a school anti-bullying show at www.standupagainstbullying.com or contact the Stand Up Against Bullying Guy at 1-800-901-8831.