Anti-Bullying Prevention Speaker at Windsor School Presents Assemblies and Parent Presentations

Benny DL in Stand Up Against Bullying

Bruce Langford speaks to students about bullying

 Bruce Langford (Benny DL) delivered bullying prevention messages at Hugh Beaton Public School in Windsor. 

One of the bullying tips he talked about was this: If you’re being bullied, talk to a trusted parent or other adult. Tell them what you’re going through and ask if there is anything they can do to help. Lots of times, just talking about it can make a difference. 

After the ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies at Hugh Beaton School, Vice-Principal Chris Konrad said: “The assemblies were fantastic. A very engaging way to deliver the message!”  He also said he would pass on the information about the Stand Up Now anti-bullying programs to other schools. 

Thanks, Chris Konrad! 

Remember to Stand Up Against Bullying! Arrange bullying prevention programs and parent talks at your school by contacting ‘Stand Up Now’ Productions at 1-800-901-8831 or email: (website: