Evaluations of Bruce Langford’s Bullying Prevention Programs

Bruce Langford, Singer

Bruce Langford, Bullying Prevention Advocate

Here are some of the most recent comments from Bruce Langford’s Character Education and Anti-Bullying shows.

“Excellent presentations with very relevant information on many different aspects of the internet!”
Carol Hagerman (VP) William G. Davis Senior PS, Cambridge

“I would absolutely endorse Bruce Langford’s assemblies. Your way of presenting really worked for our grade 7/8 students!”
Kim Stenhouse (Teacher) William G. Davis Senior PS, Cambridge

“Bruce Langford’s presentations have the wow factor. You really captured our students at Derrydown!”
Al Copeti (Teacher) Derrydown School, Toronto

“I really liked the way you tied the show into our Character Education focus here at Copeland. I also liked that you brought music into it!”
Lynn Dirks (Principal) Copeland PS, Brampton

“I would recommend the Stand Up Now performance to any other interested schools. Bruce Langford was fantastic and he delivered dynamic, energetic content which stimulated the interest of our students – even our intermediates!”
Ghada Sadaka (Vice Principal) Brownridge Public School, Thornhill

“Bruce Langford’s Cyberbullying assemblies were fun, interactive and informative. I would recommend this for other schools!”
Rita Santo (Principal) Santa Maria Catholic School, Toronto

“The Stand Up Against Bullying assemblies were really, really good! The role-plays really engaged the audience!”
Frank Thomson, (Occasional Teacher) York Region DSB (Kleinburg & Mt. Albert)

“Our students were completely engaged with the ‘Stand Up Now’ assemblies! Your words resonated with the students, staff and parents. Thank you.”
Rob Samson (Principal) Father F.X. O’Reilly Catholic School, Tottenham

“The assemblies were fantastic. A very engaging way to deliver the message!”
Chris Konrad (VP) Hugh Beaton PS, Windsor

“What a special morning you provided for us! It will be followed up in our classrooms for months to come. This is such a crucial topic for Christian young people to ponder and experience. May the Lord bless your ministry!”
Karen Gerritsma (Principal) Beacon Christian School, St. Catherines

“Bruce Langford’s ‘Respect’ program was well received by the students. His poignant message is one for all ages.”
Jennifer Scudamore (Teacher) Valley Way PS, Niagara Falls

“Our school had the opportunity to participate in Bruce Langford’s presentation about what we can do about bullying and how much it hurts people when they are bullied. The messages really got through to my children!”
Cathy Stewart (Gr 4 Teacher) Brigadoon PS, Kitchener

Book Bruce Langford as a keynote speaker for teachers, parents or children. Phone Stand Up Now at 1-800-901-8831 or email bruce@standupnow.ca