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Primary Assemblies About Bullying Prevention in Toronto, Ontario

Bullying at Percy Williams Junior Public School

Bullying Prevention at Percy Williams Junior Public School

What does tattling have to do with bullying?

At first glance they seem like totally separate issues. When we take a closer look, we realize that the two behaviors are closely linked.

Tattling is common with many children as the behavior is often a means of exercising power, an attention seeking mechanism or a self-esteem issue. From my experience, tattling behavior tends to slow down by ages 8-10. By the time children reach 12-14, some students will do almost anything to avoid being labeled a snitch.
Whether the tattling is attributed to power, self-esteem issues, or attention-seeking, children need to understand that when someone is in danger, reporting to a responsible adult is an absolute must. Sometimes bullying behaviours are overlooked because children choose not to report.

In ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies, we simplify the concept with practical examples so even young children can understand:
Tattling: Trying to get someone into trouble.
Telling: Trying to get someone out of trouble.

During today’s Bullying Prevention Presentation at Percy Williams Junior Public School in Scarborough (Toronto), we taught this concept with a song called “Telling or Tattling”. Following the assembly, grade two teacher, Elena Cherem commented:
“Bruce Langford’s ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assembly was excellent for my children! My students started using examples about tattling right away after the assembly. It helped them have a clearer understanding of do’s and don’t about bullying.”
Teacher, Jacqueline King was also impressed with the ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ programs and will be a reference for Bruce Langford and Stand Up Now Productions.
Contact Bruce at www.bruce-langford.com to arrange student or parent school bullying-prevention presentations. Bruce Langford is a professional bullying prevention speaker and presenter located in Ontario, Canada.