Bullying Hurts, Bystanders Can Make a Difference!

That was the message sent out by Bruce Langford at Clark Boulevard Public School in Brampton today. Bruce is DJ Benny DL with radio station ATFM.
Children acted out scenarios where it was clear the bystander could change the series of events. Then ATFM went on the air to talk about it and take callers.

Behavioural Teaching Assistant, Mary Lou Hughes was pleased. “Great follow-up to what we’ve been doing with Kelso’s Choice,” she said.

Kelso's Choice at Clark Blvd School

Kelso's Choice at Clark Blvd School

Principal Jay Suganan was impressed with the ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies and felt that the messages fit in well with Clark Boulevard’s School focus.

Clark Boulevard Public School

Clark Blvd School, Brampton

  • No one should have to tolerate being bullied! But we also have to teach our kids not to stand by and let others be bullied. Excellent post.