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National Gallery of Canada Inspires Creative Ways to Stop Bullying

Artists get bullied more than the rest of the population.

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Do you believe the above statement? Some people do. Artists think outside the box. They are unique. They have a creative side that much of society doesn’t understand. Go to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa like we did today and we think you will agree that we must encourage creativity. It is people with creativity who create everything from new inventions to games to entertaining movies &

National Gallery Looking Up

National Gallery Looking Up

 books. Creative people are inspired by that which is artistic. We would be lost in this world without those people who are able to create.
So we must stand up against bullying of creative and artistic people. How to stand up against bullying?
1. Don’t just look the other way, do something.
2. Speak up for the person.
3. Talk to them later with encouraging words.
4. Let people know you don’t agree with bullying.
5. Be a role model who will inspire others.
6. Live your life as a positive example for people to see.

Stand Up Now Productions (Bruce Langford) visited St. Anne Catholic School

St. Anne Catholic School, Kanata

St. Anne Catholic School, Kanata

 in Kanata (Ottawa) today to teach children how to stand up against bullying.
Principal, Mrs. Jane Hill of St. Anne School spoke highly of the Stand Up Against Bullying assemblies and will recommend Stand Up Now to other schools.
Arrange ‘Stand Up Now’ Programs to take place at your school. Visit the website at: http://www.standupnow.ca</object

London Crimestoppers Keynote Speaker Bruce Langford

Bruce Langford, Keynote Speaker at Crimestoppers Symposium

London Elgin Middlesex Crime Stoppers played host to a Symposium on October 30, 2009 at the Four Points Sheridan. Keynote speaker, Bruce Langford delivered a speech at the conference on ‘The Effects of Cyberbullying on Today’s Youth’. London Police Chief Murray Faulkner also addressed the crowd as did Director of Education for the Thames Valley District School Board, Bill Tucker. Bruce included videos and stories as part of his talk which emphasized that anyone in the audience could decide to make a positive difference in the world, just like Greg MacAleese who started the Crimestoppers Organization in 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Constable Scott Mills,  Toronto Crimestoppers Community Youth Officer delivered a presentation on ‘Social Networking Security’ which covered Internet Violence Prevention.
Bruce Langford can be contacted through his website at www.bruce-langford.com

What Does Barbara Coloroso Say About Bullying?

RainbowBarbara Coloroso is an internationally recognized speaker and author who talks about parenting and bullying. I recommend her books and agree with many of her ideas about how to deal with bullying.
She believes there are a number of ways to stop bullying.
After reading her books, I was left with some ideas which made me feel very positive and hopeful about what we can all do to help eliminate bullying.
It is important to encourage empathy and friendship skills in children and to closely monitor screen activities. She says that adults should help create opportunities for children to do good and help others. Discipline including restitution, resolution and reconciliation should be considered when dealing with bullying behaviours.
I encourage you to google Barbara Coloroso and read her materials. Barbara has extensive experience and expertise on the topic of bullying. Check out the writings of Barbara Coloroso!
I totally believe we can all make a positive difference by working together and making the right choices.

Programs to reduce bullying at www.standupagainstbullying.com

Parent Reaching Out (PRO) Grant to get Bullying Speaker Bruce Langford

Paul Clark

Paul Clark, Parent Council Rep at Sts. Peter and Paul School

I (Bruce Langford) have just presented an hour-long keynote talk including videos, songs and student role-plays at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Mississauga. The topic was bullying, cyber-bullying and parenting. Parent Council member Paul Clark commented that “Bruce Langford’s parent program was really good. It was interactive, it had music and a lot of parents found it very helpful.”
We received many positive comments about the role-plays, the songs and the tips and ideas about bullying and parenting. The program is called ‘Stand Up – Keep Your Kids’. When we visit a school during the day, we encourage children to bring their parents back in the evening for some different videos, songs and role-plays. This really helps to get lots of people out in the evening.

One of the messages in tonight’s talk was about being a good listener. As adults we need to remember to listen to our children, and as children, we need to be good listeners to our friends, our teachers and parents.

To book Bruce Langford as a guest speaker at your school, call Stand Up Now at 1-800-901-8831 or e-mail bruce@standupnow.ca

Bullying Tip From The Stand Up Against Bullying Guy

Sometimes parents can have a tough time finding out what really happened in a child bullying situation. Take a few minutes to have your child act out what happened. Ask about the details and say to your child; “I’m going to pretend I’m you and you pretend you are the one doing the mean thing.” You can also have another child play the part of one of the participants. 
Another method is to act out what happened with action figures or dolls. You may be surprised how much information you can piece together by having your child do some acting!

For government approved school anti-bullying programs, contact Bruce Langford at 1-800-901-8831 or e-mail Stand Up Now Productions at bruce@standupnow.ca

Be Your Own Coach to Achieve Self-Respect

Bruce Langford (also known as BennyDL)

Bruce Langford at Beverley Acres School in York Region

Here is a tip about self-respect we shared in the Intermediate Grade 7,8 ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assembly at Beverley Acres Public School in the York Region District School Board yesterday:

Self Respect is remembering that sometimes you have to be your own coach or cheerleader to encourage yourself that everything will be fine. We all go through difficult situations, and we all have to give ourselves a boost of self-encouragement sometimes. Remember that every one of us is valuable and important. No matter what happens, you need to be able to feel good about yourself. That is why it is important to learn to give yourself a boost to achieve self-respect.

We presented ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies to the Grade 4-6 students at Beverley Acres as well. After the presentations, Principal Ramon Andrade gave us positive feedback and told us he would recommend our Stand Up Now programs to other schools.
Contact Stand Up Now Bullying Prevention at 1-800-901-8831 or e-mail us at bruce@standupnow.ca . Visit our website at www.standupnow.ca

Confidence is Your Key to Success

Keep your chin up! Are you feeling discouraged or defeated? Think of all the times a winning athlete may need a boost. Keeping your confidence is one of the key skills a winning person must conquer. Be your own cheerleader! Don’t let those thoughts of discouragement grab hold. Be strong, be confident, be a winner!

Alexandre Bilodeau Wins Gold

Alexandre Bilodeau has won Canada’s first gold at Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics. He says his inspiration is his brother Frederic. Those two are certainly an inspiration to all of us as we work toward our dreams.

Our dream of eliminating bullying is something we are working on bit by bit. Visit us at www.standupagainstbullying.com

Superbowl Star Tracy Porter’s Winning Attitude Helps Win the 2010 Superbowl

Tracy Porter intercepted Peyton Manning with only minutes left in the game and returned the pick 74 yards for a touchdown. That sealed the New Orleans’ Saints first Super Bowl victory on February 7, 2010!

Cornerback Tracy Porter’s winning attitude and absolute focus can be an inspiration to those of us teaching others how to reduce bullying and increase respect.

Have a look at our website at www.atfm.ca for more winning ideas.

Bullying Prevention and Inspiration for Olympic Athletes

 “The steeper the mountain the harder the climb the better the view from the finish line.”

 I find this quote inspirational as we at ‘Stand Up Now’ work on the challenge to increase respect and reduce bullying in our society. I think this quote must also be inspirational to athletes as they prepare for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver to take place February 12 to 28, 2010. Go athletes, go!