Parent Reaching Out (PRO) Grant to get Bullying Speaker Bruce Langford

Paul Clark

Paul Clark, Parent Council Rep at Sts. Peter and Paul School

I (Bruce Langford) have just presented an hour-long keynote talk including videos, songs and student role-plays at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Mississauga. The topic was bullying, cyber-bullying and parenting. Parent Council member Paul Clark commented that “Bruce Langford’s parent program was really good. It was interactive, it had music and a lot of parents found it very helpful.”
We received many positive comments about the role-plays, the songs and the tips and ideas about bullying and parenting. The program is called ‘Stand Up – Keep Your Kids’. When we visit a school during the day, we encourage children to bring their parents back in the evening for some different videos, songs and role-plays. This really helps to get lots of people out in the evening.

One of the messages in tonight’s talk was about being a good listener. As adults we need to remember to listen to our children, and as children, we need to be good listeners to our friends, our teachers and parents.

To book Bruce Langford as a guest speaker at your school, call Stand Up Now at 1-800-901-8831 or e-mail