Bullying Guy (Benny DL) Sings ‘Makin A Friend’

Benny DL (Bruce Langford) sings Makin' A Friend

Hi again,
Here’s a bullying tip for you… Make friends. Just remember that your friends can help you, especially if you are being bullied. And remember to help your friends if they are having a rough time.
I wrote this song because it is SO important to make friends. Here are the words:

Here’s some advice about makin’ a friend,
This is what other kids recommend,
Find a person with interests like you.
Be yourself and always be true.
Like I said be honest and be sincere,
Integrity is good any time of the year,
Try to tell the truth at home and at school,
You’ll earn respect, respect is cool!
(I’ll share the rest of the song another time)

Just remember, stand up against bullying. Book Bruce Langford as a speaker about bullying for your event www.bruce-langford.com or contact him at 1-800-901-8831 or bruce@standupnow.ca