Bullying Tips on a Multi-Cultural Theme

Benny DL visits Williamsburg Public School

Bruce Langford at Williamsburg School in Kitchener Ontario

Encourage your child to be open to all cultures and ethnicity. If we, as adults model this behaviour, our children will come by it honestly. Read stories set in many different locations around the world. Make a point of learning about cultures you are not familiar with. Take part in cultural festivals with your family whenever possible. The examples you set will serve your children for a lifetime.
Williamsburg Public School in Kitchener Ontario sets these examples using Tribes teaching as a tool for teachers and children. I (Bruce Langford) visited Williamsburg School yesterday to present our ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ and ‘Stand Up – Keep Your Kids’ programs. We welcomed over 200 people in the evening talk about bullying and cyber-bullying tips. Principal Fran Oppertshauser encouraged us by agreeing to be a reference for our school assemblies. 

Arrange for excellent anti-bullying school assemblies by Stand Up Now Productions with presenter Bruce Langford. Phone Stand Up Now at 1-800-901-8831 or e-mail at bruce@standupnow.ca  Website: www.standupnow.ca