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Brian McKeever and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

At the eleventh hour Brian McKeever found out he would not be representing Canada on Feb 28 in the 50 meter cross country. I can only imagine his disappointment.
Many people have  experienced another kind of disappointment when they learned a good friend had turned against them, or a group of peers had started a smear campaign against them.  McKeever hasn’t been bullied, but he must be dealing with emotional turmoil.
Just remember – stay strong, hang in, and STAND UP with confidence!

So far, Canada has not won a medal in Olympic cross-country, but tomorrow will give us another chance! Go Canada!
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Joannie Rochette Shows Incredible Strength

Joannie Rochette displayed amazing focus as she courageously moved forward determined to win a medal in spite of her mother’s recent fatal heart attack after arriving in Vancouver.
She continued on to earn a bronze medal and attributed her success to her mother, Therese, who wanted a better life for her daughter than she herself had.
When dealing with bullied children, we can learn from the strength and focus shown by Joannie Rochette.

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Bullying Prevention and Inspiration for Olympic Athletes

 “The steeper the mountain the harder the climb the better the view from the finish line.”

 I find this quote inspirational as we at ‘Stand Up Now’ work on the challenge to increase respect and reduce bullying in our society. I think this quote must also be inspirational to athletes as they prepare for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver to take place February 12 to 28, 2010. Go athletes, go!