What Does Barbara Coloroso Say About Bullying?

RainbowBarbara Coloroso is an internationally recognized speaker and author who talks about parenting and bullying. I recommend her books and agree with many of her ideas about how to deal with bullying.
She believes there are a number of ways to stop bullying.
After reading her books, I was left with some ideas which made me feel very positive and hopeful about what we can all do to help eliminate bullying.
It is important to encourage empathy and friendship skills in children and to closely monitor screen activities. She says that adults should help create opportunities for children to do good and help others. Discipline including restitution, resolution and reconciliation should be considered when dealing with bullying behaviours.
I encourage you to google Barbara Coloroso and read her materials. Barbara has extensive experience and expertise on the topic of bullying. Check out the writings of Barbara Coloroso!
I totally believe we can all make a positive difference by working together and making the right choices.

Programs to reduce bullying at www.standupagainstbullying.com