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Henderson Avenue School Welcomes Speaker, Bruce Langford

Henderson Avenue Welcome Mural

The welcome mural in the office at Henderson Avenue Public School in Thornhill Ontario, welcomes all nationalities. Henderson Avenue School extends its friendship and goodwill to all people, regardless of their culture or heritage.

Respect is alive and well at Henderson and consistent examples of respectful behaviour are seen on a regular basis throughout the school.

Here is a respect tip I would like to share:
Never let a mean situation go by without doing your part. Here are five possibilities:

  1. Speak up and ask the person to stop.
  2. Change the subject or redirect the topic to something else.
  3. Tell a supportive adult you trust.
  4. Talk to a friend about what happened.
  5. Share some words of support later with the person who was being picked on.


Henderson Avenue Public School, Thornhill Ontario

Today we presented ‘Stand Up For Respect’, ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ and ‘Cyberbullying – Got 2 Go’ at Henderson Avenue Public School. After the assemblies, grade 6 teacher, Ms. Shannon Ostilly commented:

“We were very happy with all three assemblies by Stand Up Now Productions. Thanks so much for coming to Henderson Avenue!”

Stop Bullying Behaviours by Using 3 Powerful Dragon Qualities

Norwich PS SignNorwich School Students Use Dragon Qualities to Stop Bullying situations. We visited Norwich Public School, home of the dragons on Friday. Dragons

Norwich PS Dragon

Famous Norwich Public School Dragon

are believed to be strong, sensitive and brave. These are the very attributes needed by a person who will ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’. Bystanders stand by Norwich Public School Building Ontariowhile mean things are said or done. A ‘stand-upper ‘ will use the dragon qualities of strength, sensitivity and bravery to ‘stand up against bullying’. Children should never be expected to deal with these issues alone though. Adults need to be right there to encourage children whenever necessary.  Teachers, administrators, support staff and children can all work together to stand up against bullying and make sure no one suffers because of bullying.

Encourage and model respect and as a result bullying will automatically begin to disappear . You will experience respect at Norwich Public School (Thames Valley District School Board) where we presented ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies. Students from Otterville Public School and North Norwich Public School joined together with the Norwich Public School students to learn ways to show respect. Role-plays, videos and songs all helped children understand how to grow respect.
Be like the dragon; use your strength, sensitivity and bravery to stand up against bullying;
be a ‘stand-upper’ and Stand Up For Respect!

Bruce Langford of ‘Stand Up Now’ Productions will visit your school to present bullying prevention programs. Contact him at 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

How to teach children not to bully… (Peel School Board)

Whitehorn Public School in Mississauga has some answers to this question. ‘Soaring to the Peak’ is an answer you will hear from the children. You see, Whitehorn Mountain is in Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. It is a 2,621 metre high mountain of pure natural beauty.

The students of Whitehorn School know they must strive to meet the challenge of ‘Soaring to the Peak’ by:


Q. What is a person called who sees and hears meanness, but they don’t do anything about it?

A. Scared.

That is the answer we heard yesterday from a student who watched a role-play in our ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assembly and felt empathy for the person being bullied. In the adult world, the correct answer to the question is ‘bystander’. Children need to know that a bystander is not a bad person. A bystander may not know what to do, or the incident may have happened so fast, they didn’t have time to react. It is important to teach children what bystanders can do to reduce bullying behaviours, but let’s not blame children for not stepping in when we also tell them to always look out for their safety.

Stop Bullying in Peel SchoolsWhitehorn Public School is a respectful place because people care. People know that teaching respect means modeling respect. Principal, Mrs. Margaret Patterson is a great example of how to nurture respect in a caring environment. Mrs. Patterson and her staff definitely ‘Soar to the Peak’ at Whitehorn Public School!

Weekly Character Education Pays off in Waterloo Region School

Edna Staebler School Sign, Waterloo OntarioStudents at Edna Staebler Public School in Waterloo (Waterloo Region District School Board) believe in the value of Character Education. We visited the school yesterday, and were greeted warmly by the students and staff. Principal, Mr. Jeffery Parliament told us that the students have been receiving weekly character education lessons from a staff member. We could tell.

Edna Staebler Picture at Edna Staebler School

“Treat others how you want to be treated,” was a comment that came from a student early on in one of the assemblies. We talked about empathy, and about doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
“Being honest and caring can help build stronger friendships”, a grade 7 student remarked.
We talked about being careful on-line and making the right choices about on-line activities.
A student role-play made it crystal-clear that a bystander can become a person who can definitely make a difference in a given situation.

Author Edna Staebler with her cats

Mr. Parliament said he felt the assemblies were well done and liked how we changed the assemblies to be appropriate for each division.
“Our character education classes have been some of our most important classes”, a grade 8 girl told me after the intermediate assembly.
I thought about how good it feels to be in a school where character education is taken seriously by students and staff!

Flags in the lobby of Edna Staebler School

The ‘Stand Up For Respect’ Character Ed assemblies by Stand Up Now Productions all feature video, music and student role-play as well as teacher follow-up materials.
Visit www.standupforrespect.ca

A tip to build solid friendships in Dufferin Peel Catholic Schools

Tip: You can build more friendships if you are always honest with people. Honesty is a very important part of friendships that is sometimes overlooked. What might seem like the smallest lie can still hurt a friendship in a big way. Even if no one ever finds out about the lie, it is still a lie. It is a dishonest part of you that lives inside you. Start today. Make up your mind to stick to the truth. Be committed to integrity and don’t stray from being completely truthful.
The above friendship and respect tip was included as part of our ‘Stand Up For Respect’ presentations today at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School in Mississauga  (DPCDSB). We met many students at St. Elizabeth Seton who obviously are committed to being respectful people. Students thought about the many aspects of respect as they watched role-plays and videos about the topic. Teachers and students told us that the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies helped kids understand how even one person can make a big difference when they make a choice on the side of respect. Just remember, Stand Up For Respect in your daily life and do your best to be honest.
Bruce Langford presents programs on respect, bullying and cybersafety in school boards across Ontario. The ‘Stand Up Now’ website is www.standupnow.ca

Oscar Peterson PS Bullying Prevention & Respect – Peel District School Board Mississauga

Respect was the theme of the day on Monday as Stand Up Now Productions visited Oscar Peterson Public School to present three assemblies. Principal, Ms. Judy Richards explained that ‘respect’ is an ongoing theme at the school and she welcomed strategies the children could use immediately. Here are some comments we received from the students after the assemblies:    “The BennyDL video was really funny and helped me remember ways to show respect.”
“I liked the acting because I learned how to speak up to a bossy person.”

“The songs were awesome, especially the ‘Respect’ song at the end.”

We had a great time being visitors for the day and we were certainly treated with respect by all the students and staff we met. Stand Up Now Productions will visit your school with presenter Bruce Langford. See the website at www.standupnow.ca

Halton Catholic Character Education Assemblies about Respect (Ontario, Canada)

St. Bernadette Catholic School

“We only have one rule here. The rule is … everybody say it! … RESPECT.”
These words were from principal, Mrs. Ann Koritko as she spoke to the grade 4,5,6 students in the gym of St. Bernadette Catholic School in Oakville earlier today.
The feeling of respect was everywhere; from the front office where head secretary, Diane, made us feel at home, to the tiny chapel where children or teachers are sometimes found in prayer.
We shared many ways of showing respect with the students. Shining through from the children was the evidence of their faith. “Our faith helps us understand why respect is important,” one grade four student told me.
“Just remember the many different ways you can stand up for respect”, I told the children.
When presented in Catholic or Christian schools, our ‘Stand Up For Respect’ and ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ programs talk about the importance of faith and prayer.

Here is a comment we received following the assemblies:
“Very original, unique presentations with a strong message for all to hear. I loved how you tied our faith into it.”
Christine Ricci, Educational Assistant, St. Bernadette Catholic School, Oakville, Ontario.
Book Stand Up Now Assemblies or arrange a keynote talk with speaker/presenter Bruce Langford by contacting Stand Up Now Productions at or      1-800-901-8831

Soccer World Cup 2010, Racial Abuse and Respect

The Soccer World Cup in South Africa will be an exciting sporting event and Samuel Eto’o is one of the players to watch. He has scored over 100 goals in five seasons with FC Barcelona. As a member of the Cameroon national team, he was a part of the squad that won the 2000 Olympic tournament. He is a Cameroonian who plays as a striker for Italian Serie A club Internazionale.
Eto’o has experienced racial abuse while playing soccer. He has been the subject of racist taunts by people in the stands when he is in possession of the ball. It is unacceptable that racial prejudice continues to be present in our world. Take a stand. Make the decision that you will have the integrity to stand up against prejudice of any kind against any group of people!

We talked about World Cup Soccer and Respect at Valley Park Middle School in Toronto yesterday. Vice-Principal, Sandra Larosa was ‘totally thrilled with Bruce Langford’s assemblies’ and said ‘our middle school kids really connected with the message!’

 Remember to ‘Stand Up For Respect’ in your world and with your friends. We will be happy to present musical assemblies about respect at your school. Call Bruce Langford at 1-800-901-8831 or email at info@standupnow.ca.