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Halton Catholic Character Education Assemblies about Respect (Ontario, Canada)

St. Bernadette Catholic School

“We only have one rule here. The rule is … everybody say it! … RESPECT.”
These words were from principal, Mrs. Ann Koritko as she spoke to the grade 4,5,6 students in the gym of St. Bernadette Catholic School in Oakville earlier today.
The feeling of respect was everywhere; from the front office where head secretary, Diane, made us feel at home, to the tiny chapel where children or teachers are sometimes found in prayer.
We shared many ways of showing respect with the students. Shining through from the children was the evidence of their faith. “Our faith helps us understand why respect is important,” one grade four student told me.
“Just remember the many different ways you can stand up for respect”, I told the children.
When presented in Catholic or Christian schools, our ‘Stand Up For Respect’ and ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ programs talk about the importance of faith and prayer.

Here is a comment we received following the assemblies:
“Very original, unique presentations with a strong message for all to hear. I loved how you tied our faith into it.”
Christine Ricci, Educational Assistant, St. Bernadette Catholic School, Oakville, Ontario.
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