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Ottawa students stamp out bullying at Farley Mowat School (OCDSB)

Farley Mowat Public School SignFarley Mowat Public School in Ottawa is a place where we met passionate students who are totally set to stamp out bullying. Here are some of their comments:
“Thanks for helping us learn more about bullying and how to STOP it. We can STOP it!”
Grade 4 student

Farley Mowat Public School Building, Ottawa“Awesome show – really enjoyed the music video and the songs. It helped me understand what I can do.”
Grade 5 student

“The play was really good. This would make a bully think, why would I do this. And it would help reduce bullying for sure.”
Grade 5 student


Famous Farley Mowat School Wolf Mascot

Famous Farley Mowat School Wolf Mascot

“It will help people realize how a bullied person would feel.”
Gr 4 student

Princpal, Ms. Judy-Anne Brush complimented the program and Vice-Principal, Ms. Anna Lyall said she would definitely recommend the ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies to other schools.
To arrange to have Bruce Langford present assemblies at your school, call 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

Farley Mowat

Students at Farley Mowat Public School, Ottawa (OCDSB) are determined to:

* Speak Up when they see bullying behaviour.

* Be positive role-models around the school and community

* Use positive language that will stop bullies in their tracks

* Ignore people who say bullying will always exist

These students are an inspiration!

Pink Shirt Stop Bullying Day at Alloa School in Brampton

Stand Up Against Bullying Day at Alloa School

It was a sea of pink at Alloa Public School in Brampton today as Bruce Langford presented Stand Up Against Bullying Assemblies to the students. Pink shirts, pink bracelets, pink hair, pink socks, pink sweaters hats and pants all helped get the point across to Stand Up Against Bullying.  Role-plays about how bystanders can change to make a difference helped the students realize that even ONE PERSON can help to reduce bullying. That ONE PERSON can be YOU. Principal, Mrs. Margret Lane is passionate about helping all Alloa students understand how to deal with bullying and how to help stop it. Yes, ONE PERSON CAN help reduce bullying and that ONE PERSON can be YOU!
Contact Bruce Langford of Stand Up Now Productions to present assemblies at your school on bullying, respect or cyberbullying. 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

Bullying Prevention Bystander Message in Kitchener Waterloo Area School

Ayr Public School was the setting yesterday for a Parent Council Sponsored Bullying Prevention Talk for Parents and Children by speaker/presenter Bruce Langford of Stand Up Now Productions. (Stand Up Against Bullying student assemblies took place during the day.)
The school takes pride in the respectful reputation it has under the direction of principal Ms. Nancy Thorsen. The students showed keen interest in the topic of bullying as they watched their peers act in the student role-plays. The music and videos gave impact to the presentation as well. Every family who attended the parent talk was given a free music CD with 14 bullying prevention songs. The songs cover everything from telling and

Ayr Public School's Bully Box

tattling to empathy.
Here you can see that Ayr Public School really takes bullying prevention seriously. They have this Bully Box in the office so that students can write down bullying related problems and drop the information in the bullying box for confidential assistance. Principal Nancy Thorsen says that with the bully box and also  weekly class meetings, student difficulties get resolved quite quickly.
Try the bully box idea in your school. It can make an effective difference!

Front Hall Mural at Ayr School

Ayr PS Front Hall Mural

Bystander couldn’t bear to walk away from the bullied victim at Toronto School

Anti-bullying in Toronto Middle School

John G. Althouse Middle School in Toronto is the setting. The students are acting out a role-play in front of the other grade 7 students. It was rehearsed, but we pull four more students from the audience who are supposed to just walk away from the victim with all the others. Then we plan to replay the role-play again showing what should have happened. One or more of the bystanders could have done something to help the victim.
But this time things were different. One of the girls, who had come up from the audience, just couldn’t bear to walk away from the victim, even though she was being urged by the other actors to do so.

Stand Up Now in Toronto District School Board School

That really showed that girl’s inner spirit and integrity. She just hung back like a magnet was pulling her to do something to help the victimized girl. The audience cheered. We went on to talk about what every person can do to help, who sees bullying behaviour. That girl made the point crystal clear to an audience of nearly two hundred. That girl made my day!

 John G. Althouse Vice-Principal, Jennifer Newby was impressed with the Stand Up Now assemblies.
“Great strategies with the students, good interaction and effective role-plays. We were very pleased with the Stand Up Against Bullying intermediate assemblies!”  

Contact Bruce Langford at Stand Up Now Productions at 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

Anti-bullying videos featured in Thames Valley School, Ontario Canada

River Height Public School Sign

‘Stand Up – Keep Your Kids’ was the name of the parent/student anti-bullying session at River Heights Public School (Thames Valley District School Board) presented by Bruce Langford, of Stand Up Now Productions. During the day, the students learned to ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ in two assemblies which took place in the gym. Then the children brought parents back for more videos, music and role-play at 6:30. Benny DL, DJ for radio station ATFM appeared in all the assemblies. Cyber-bullying, bullying and parenting tips were outlined. Free Stand Up Now CD’s were given to the twenty-five families who attended with over 45 children also receiving stickers promoting bullying prevention.

In one video, the ‘Seven Steps to Cyber-Safety’ were featured, which included a tip about not telling passwords to anyone except parents.

Consider arranging assemblies for your school by contacting Bruce Langford at 1-800-901-8831 or visit the Stand Up Now website at www.standupnow.ca

National Gallery of Canada Inspires Creative Ways to Stop Bullying

Artists get bullied more than the rest of the population.

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Do you believe the above statement? Some people do. Artists think outside the box. They are unique. They have a creative side that much of society doesn’t understand. Go to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa like we did today and we think you will agree that we must encourage creativity. It is people with creativity who create everything from new inventions to games to entertaining movies &

National Gallery Looking Up

National Gallery Looking Up

 books. Creative people are inspired by that which is artistic. We would be lost in this world without those people who are able to create.
So we must stand up against bullying of creative and artistic people. How to stand up against bullying?
1. Don’t just look the other way, do something.
2. Speak up for the person.
3. Talk to them later with encouraging words.
4. Let people know you don’t agree with bullying.
5. Be a role model who will inspire others.
6. Live your life as a positive example for people to see.

Stand Up Now Productions (Bruce Langford) visited St. Anne Catholic School

St. Anne Catholic School, Kanata

St. Anne Catholic School, Kanata

 in Kanata (Ottawa) today to teach children how to stand up against bullying.
Principal, Mrs. Jane Hill of St. Anne School spoke highly of the Stand Up Against Bullying assemblies and will recommend Stand Up Now to other schools.
Arrange ‘Stand Up Now’ Programs to take place at your school. Visit the website at: http://www.standupnow.ca</object

Stop Bullying Now in Toronto, Ontario Canada

William Berczy Public School, Toronto

Why Does An Imbalance of Power Cause Bullying?
That was one of the questions we set out to help the children answer at William Berczy Public School in Unionville (Toronto) yesterday.

 Bullying takes place when an imbalance of power exists between people, and the person or people with the most power, use that power to create discomfort or harm to the target person.

Respect at William Berczy

Bullying becomes less common when children are taught to show respect to each other. Specifically, be honest, use kind language and be nice to others, even on the internet or cell phone.

 A Berczy Person Shows Respect!
That is the first sentence we read as we walked into William Berczy Public School in Unionville. Very quickly we found that sign to be true about ‘Berczy People’.
They do show respect. And they were eager to learn more about how they could reduce bullying and increase respect within their school.

 After three daytime student assemblies, parents and children returned in droves to learn more from DJ, Benny DL (aka Bruce Langford). More than 70 families received free CD’s from the Stand Up Now team.

One of the parents had this to say following the parent/student anti-bullying presentation called ‘Stand Up – Keep Your Kids’:
“The Stand Up Now program was wonderful. I think that all children will benefit from watching the show. It grabbed their attention, was very entertaining, and yet was filled with important information for all of us.”
David L. Tenn, Parent and School Council Member, William Berczy Public School
Visit the ‘Stand Up Now’ website at www.standupnow.ca to arrange programs for your school.

Waterloo Region District School Board Bullying Prevention

Abraham Erb Public School in Waterloo welcomed Bruce Langford today as a guest speaker and presenter on the subject of respect. Respect is part of Abraham Erb’s Code of Behaviour. Their code of behavior is simple, yet effective. It consists of three concise ideas:



Mrs. Martha Knowlton, the Principal of Abraham Erb School (Waterloo Region District School Board), was thrilled with the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies by Bruce Langford and Stand Up Now Productions. We were impressed with the respectful behaviour of the students.
We’ve included some photos we want to share with you from Abraham Erb Public School.

Contact us to arrange assemblies for your school: 800-901-8831 or info@standupnow.ca

Can School Spirit Help Reduce Bullying?

Dorset Drive Public School

Dorset Drive Public School has great School Spirit!

The children at Dorset Drive Public School were over the top with excitement as they watched ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ presentations earlier today. They showed excellent assembly manners and also incredible school spirit.
Actually, school spirit can help reduce bullying!
Answer: When students become focused on positive things like upbeat school activities and fun spirit days, they become more positive with each other. They will encourage each other and support each other more. School Spirit can help make going to school a fun experience.
If you are a student, get involved and participate in anything having to do with school spirit. Be crazy on backwards day. Do an outrageous hair thing on wacky hair day. Let your personality shine through and enjoy yourself. This will help you grow your confidence and get more out of your school experience.
If you are a teacher or administrator; help plan some school spirit events, offer to coordinate some fun theme days, get involved. Your students will remember some of those off-the-wall events you planned, and they’ll smile later.

We offer off-the-wall assemblies about bullying, respect and cyberbullying. Call us today at 1-800-901-8831 or email Bruce Langford at info@standupnow.ca

Stand Up Now Back to School Bullying Prevention

Ottawa Bullying Prevention

Ottawa Stand Up Against Bullying Tour

Welcome back to school everyone! May the 2010-2011 school year be as bully free as possible! We wish you all well as you start back for a new year of learning and dealing with social situations. Stand Up Now is booked solid with bullying prevention programs across the region.
Our Stand Up Now Ottawa tour is planned for October 2010. We will visit schools in Ottawa including St. James Catholic School in Kanata, Guardian Angels Catholic School in Stittsville and St. Anne Catholic School in Kanata. Windsor School visits will include General Brock and Dougall Avenue Public School. Toronto, London, Burlington and Waterloo are only a few of our bullying prevention destinations.
The Stand Up Against Bullying Guy is ready to head off to your school with songs, videos and multimedia to wow the crowds.
Contact us to book assemblies for your school. 1-800-901-8831
Email us at  info@standupnow.ca