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Stop Bullying Now in Toronto, Ontario Canada

William Berczy Public School, Toronto

Why Does An Imbalance of Power Cause Bullying?
That was one of the questions we set out to help the children answer at William Berczy Public School in Unionville (Toronto) yesterday.

 Bullying takes place when an imbalance of power exists between people, and the person or people with the most power, use that power to create discomfort or harm to the target person.

Respect at William Berczy

Bullying becomes less common when children are taught to show respect to each other. Specifically, be honest, use kind language and be nice to others, even on the internet or cell phone.

 A Berczy Person Shows Respect!
That is the first sentence we read as we walked into William Berczy Public School in Unionville. Very quickly we found that sign to be true about ‘Berczy People’.
They do show respect. And they were eager to learn more about how they could reduce bullying and increase respect within their school.

 After three daytime student assemblies, parents and children returned in droves to learn more from DJ, Benny DL (aka Bruce Langford). More than 70 families received free CD’s from the Stand Up Now team.

One of the parents had this to say following the parent/student anti-bullying presentation called ‘Stand Up – Keep Your Kids’:
“The Stand Up Now program was wonderful. I think that all children will benefit from watching the show. It grabbed their attention, was very entertaining, and yet was filled with important information for all of us.”
David L. Tenn, Parent and School Council Member, William Berczy Public School
Visit the ‘Stand Up Now’ website at www.standupnow.ca to arrange programs for your school.