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Camp Counselor Leadership Training for Bullying Prevention

The City of Cambridge is serious about bullying prevention. We spent time yesterday training their summer camp counselors on how to prevent bullying in summer camps. We explained and defined bullying and then talked in detail about the different kinds of bullying. Knowing what to look for is a key factor when you are dealing with children.

We believe that being proactive is vital. That’s why we teach the ‘STAMP’ strategy to be proactive against bullying. This exclusive strategy was created solely by ‘Stand Up Now’ bullying prevention organization and it stands alone as a key teaching approach to prevent bullying in children.

We had the youth participate in role-plays so they could experience first-hand how to quell bullying before it starts. Then we moved on to deal with the actual ways to handle bullying situations head-on. We teach 5 Key Concepts to deal with bullying incidents. The participants are now well-equipped to prevent and deal with bullying situations that may come up in camp situations involving children. Thanks participants – and have a great time at summer camp!
(Bruce Langford is a frequent speaker and trainer in the area of bullying prevention. Contact him by email at info ‘at’ standupnow.ca)

Toronto School Assemblies to Stop Bullying Dead in its Tracks

 Soaring to the peak at Whitehorn
As adults, we are responsible for our children and youth. We must show by example how to stop bullying. We must refuse to allow bullying to rear its ugly head. It is necessary for us to understand exactly what bullying is, before we can snuff out its existence. Children also must understand what bullying is and the strategies they can use to stop it. These strategies are taught as part of ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies by Stand Up Now Productions.
Cyber-bullying has become a major problem in our society. Parents must show strength and courage in an attempt to lead children down the right path. A teacher recently commented: “The Stand Up Against Bullying assemblies need to be mandatory in every school, every year. Kids get the concepts through these programs; they just need to be reminded on a regular basis.” 
Bruce Langford and Stand Up Now Productions recently visited Whitehorn Public School in Mississauga for the second time. Their  head-on way to improve their school climate is impressive.  Whitehorn Principal, Mrs. Margaret Patterson knows exactly how to get everyone on board to help stop bullying in its tracks. At her school, students and staff use the slogan ‘Soar To The Peak’ to motivate.

Peak Acronym at Whitehorn Public SchoolThe word peak stands for:
Participation / Effort / Achievement / Kindness
We can all learn from this concentrated effort. Let’s ‘Soar To The Peak’ to reduce bullying!
www.standupnow.ca 1-800-901-8831

Keep Your Focus and Believe the Bullying Will Stop

No bullying is the focus I often talk to people about their own experiences with bullying. I was at a school recently where I talked to someone about her own personal experiences. She said bullying had been part of her life for years. She had told people about the meanness and about specific hurtful examples. She explained how she sometimes spoke up and asked the bully to stop. She tried to stay confident. She read as much about bullying as she could. She talked to friends about her frustrations. She asked her parents for advice. She said there were times when she felt discouraged, but she never gave up. She was determined that the bullying would stop and she just kept imagining a day when people would not pick on her.

When she was going into grade 6, she tried even harder to stay focused on her vision of no bullying. She said, as the year progressed, she noticed the bullying started to decrease. More people were nice to her. People would sometimes stick up for her. After Easter she realized that the bullying had actually stopped completely. She never forgot her struggles though. They remained vividly etched in her mind.

This is the kind of good-news story that can help everyone realize that bullying can be conquered! Now that she is a grade six teacher herself, she was able to tell me her story with clarity and focus. Even though it was a tough struggle, she is a shining example for her students today, and she has empathy when students talk to her about their own challenges with bullying.

Bullying prevention is the focus in our School Assemblies. Visit www.atfm.ca or www.brucelangford.ca for more information

Earth Day Reminds Us Not To Bully

Image for earth day

Handle With Care

Treat the earth with respect.
Be sensitive to the ebb and flow of nature.
Don’t take more than you give back.
Speak up when you see someone mistreat our planet.

 The above statements can also apply to how we treat fellow human beings…

Treat each other with respect.
Be sensitive to the needs of friends and colleagues.
Relationships need to be on a give and take basis.
Speak up when you see someone mistreated.

 Treat people right. Treat the planet right.
Give respect. Earn respect.

 Celebrate earth day.

Safe At Schools Conference at Nobleton Senior Public School, Greater Toronto

Sign at Nobleton Senior Public SchoolStand Up Now featured Bruce Langford as the keynote presenter at Nobleton’s 4th annual Safe At Schools Conference on Monday.

Principal, Ms. Nancy Redmond gave a warm welcome to the students to launch the day’s activities at Nobleton. The students from Nobleton Junior Public School were guests for the day as they participated in crafts, workshops and the ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies featuring student dramas, videos and student interaction.
Nobleton PS MascotThe grade 6, 7 & 8 ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ presentation was geared directly to the intermediate level with stories and discussion which the students could relate to. It also included scenarios acted out by the students as well as life-like situations depicted in video clips.
Following the presentation, a number of intermediate students rushed to the front to find out more information from presenter, Bruce Langford.

A bullying prevention tip that was key in the presentation revolved around declaring Nobleton a bullying free zone by having the grade 6,7 & 8 students take a vow to ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’.

Tip: Resolve to take action when you see a bullying situation.

Nobleton PS under constructionNobleton Public School is a school where students definitely will take action as they ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’. We thank the students, administrators, and organizer, Ms. Deborah Godin, for a warm welcome to Nobleton and a truly rewarding day with your students!

A tip to build solid friendships in Dufferin Peel Catholic Schools

Tip: You can build more friendships if you are always honest with people. Honesty is a very important part of friendships that is sometimes overlooked. What might seem like the smallest lie can still hurt a friendship in a big way. Even if no one ever finds out about the lie, it is still a lie. It is a dishonest part of you that lives inside you. Start today. Make up your mind to stick to the truth. Be committed to integrity and don’t stray from being completely truthful.
The above friendship and respect tip was included as part of our ‘Stand Up For Respect’ presentations today at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School in Mississauga  (DPCDSB). We met many students at St. Elizabeth Seton who obviously are committed to being respectful people. Students thought about the many aspects of respect as they watched role-plays and videos about the topic. Teachers and students told us that the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies helped kids understand how even one person can make a big difference when they make a choice on the side of respect. Just remember, Stand Up For Respect in your daily life and do your best to be honest.
Bruce Langford presents programs on respect, bullying and cybersafety in school boards across Ontario. The ‘Stand Up Now’ website is www.standupnow.ca

York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) Cyberbullying Got 2 Go Assemblies

Today Our Lady Help of Christians (OLHC) Catholic School in Richmond Hill hosted Bruce Langford, of Stand Up Now Productions to present two assemblies. Cyberbullying – Got 2 Go was the name of the assembly for grades 6,7,8 students. Three role plays by OLHC students were featured which emphasized to children about the dark side of facebook, the possibility of cyber predators, and possible cyber stalking. The song ‘Passwords’ was also a feature of the program. It included a number of tips about passwords including the repeated line: passwords – keep ‘em to yourself, tell no one else.

Here is a tip about passwords: Never choose a password by using the name of your pet or your street name. Others can often guess those kinds of passwords. Instead choose 8-14 characters which include lower case, upper case, numbers and symbols.

We remarked to Principal Ms. Gabriela Mastrodi-Casa how impressed we were with her school. Students were keen to learn about the concepts being taught in the assemblies, and the student audience was completely attentive during all the videos, role-plays and songs. They were also respectful as we spoke about the importance of Catholic faith and how it relates to the topic of treating others the right way.

Book Bruce Langford to present programs in your school. 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

Pink Shirt Stop Bullying Day at Alloa School in Brampton

Stand Up Against Bullying Day at Alloa School

It was a sea of pink at Alloa Public School in Brampton today as Bruce Langford presented Stand Up Against Bullying Assemblies to the students. Pink shirts, pink bracelets, pink hair, pink socks, pink sweaters hats and pants all helped get the point across to Stand Up Against Bullying.  Role-plays about how bystanders can change to make a difference helped the students realize that even ONE PERSON can help to reduce bullying. That ONE PERSON can be YOU. Principal, Mrs. Margret Lane is passionate about helping all Alloa students understand how to deal with bullying and how to help stop it. Yes, ONE PERSON CAN help reduce bullying and that ONE PERSON can be YOU!
Contact Bruce Langford of Stand Up Now Productions to present assemblies at your school on bullying, respect or cyberbullying. 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

Bullying Prevention Bystander Message in Kitchener Waterloo Area School

Ayr Public School was the setting yesterday for a Parent Council Sponsored Bullying Prevention Talk for Parents and Children by speaker/presenter Bruce Langford of Stand Up Now Productions. (Stand Up Against Bullying student assemblies took place during the day.)
The school takes pride in the respectful reputation it has under the direction of principal Ms. Nancy Thorsen. The students showed keen interest in the topic of bullying as they watched their peers act in the student role-plays. The music and videos gave impact to the presentation as well. Every family who attended the parent talk was given a free music CD with 14 bullying prevention songs. The songs cover everything from telling and

Ayr Public School's Bully Box

tattling to empathy.
Here you can see that Ayr Public School really takes bullying prevention seriously. They have this Bully Box in the office so that students can write down bullying related problems and drop the information in the bullying box for confidential assistance. Principal Nancy Thorsen says that with the bully box and also  weekly class meetings, student difficulties get resolved quite quickly.
Try the bully box idea in your school. It can make an effective difference!

Front Hall Mural at Ayr School

Ayr PS Front Hall Mural

Building respect assembly in Waterloo Region District Schools

Building a better world, one student at a time.
This is the slogan at New Dundee Public School near Kitchener, Ontario.
These students really understand RESPECT. They work on these things every day:

  1. Friendly language

    New Dundee Dragon

  2. Including others
  3. Cooperation
  4. Helping each other
  5. Being polite

New Dundee Principal, Mrs. Debbie Scholl makes sure the students are thinking about respect. She has made sure the walls are covered with positive messages and character-building reminders. See for yourself. Even the New Dundee Dragon mascot is a respectful fellow! Here are just a few of the positive messages we saw here at New Dundee Public School.

Mrs. Scholl was totally enthusiastic about the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies.
“You really made respect come alive to our children!”, she exclaimed. “We were completely delighted!”
Mrs. Deb Scholl, Principal, New Dundee Public School