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Camp Counselor Leadership Training for Bullying Prevention

The City of Cambridge is serious about bullying prevention. We spent time yesterday training their summer camp counselors on how to prevent bullying in summer camps. We explained and defined bullying and then talked in detail about the different kinds of bullying. Knowing what to look for is a key factor when you are dealing with children.

We believe that being proactive is vital. That’s why we teach the ‘STAMP’ strategy to be proactive against bullying. This exclusive strategy was created solely by ‘Stand Up Now’ bullying prevention organization and it stands alone as a key teaching approach to prevent bullying in children.

We had the youth participate in role-plays so they could experience first-hand how to quell bullying before it starts. Then we moved on to deal with the actual ways to handle bullying situations head-on. We teach 5 Key Concepts to deal with bullying incidents. The participants are now well-equipped to prevent and deal with bullying situations that may come up in camp situations involving children. Thanks participants – and have a great time at summer camp!
(Bruce Langford is a frequent speaker and trainer in the area of bullying prevention. Contact him by email at info ‘at’ standupnow.ca)

Bullying Prevention at Summer Camp

Camping Fun and Bullying

Don't Let Bullying Ruin Your Camping Fun!

Kids at summer camp have lots of fun doing the traditional camp activities as well as some non-traditional fun experiences. Camp councilors should keep a close eye on campers to make sure everyone is showing respect and that any signs of bullying are stopped immediately before they grow into bigger problems. Don’t let bullying ruin the fun!

We provide special programs for summer day camps and overnight camps. Contact us for more details at info@standupnow.ca. Visit our website at www.standupnow.ca