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York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) Cyberbullying Got 2 Go Assemblies

Today Our Lady Help of Christians (OLHC) Catholic School in Richmond Hill hosted Bruce Langford, of Stand Up Now Productions to present two assemblies. Cyberbullying – Got 2 Go was the name of the assembly for grades 6,7,8 students. Three role plays by OLHC students were featured which emphasized to children about the dark side of facebook, the possibility of cyber predators, and possible cyber stalking. The song ‘Passwords’ was also a feature of the program. It included a number of tips about passwords including the repeated line: passwords – keep ‘em to yourself, tell no one else.

Here is a tip about passwords: Never choose a password by using the name of your pet or your street name. Others can often guess those kinds of passwords. Instead choose 8-14 characters which include lower case, upper case, numbers and symbols.

We remarked to Principal Ms. Gabriela Mastrodi-Casa how impressed we were with her school. Students were keen to learn about the concepts being taught in the assemblies, and the student audience was completely attentive during all the videos, role-plays and songs. They were also respectful as we spoke about the importance of Catholic faith and how it relates to the topic of treating others the right way.

Book Bruce Langford to present programs in your school. 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

Bullying Prevention Bystander Message in Kitchener Waterloo Area School

Ayr Public School was the setting yesterday for a Parent Council Sponsored Bullying Prevention Talk for Parents and Children by speaker/presenter Bruce Langford of Stand Up Now Productions. (Stand Up Against Bullying student assemblies took place during the day.)
The school takes pride in the respectful reputation it has under the direction of principal Ms. Nancy Thorsen. The students showed keen interest in the topic of bullying as they watched their peers act in the student role-plays. The music and videos gave impact to the presentation as well. Every family who attended the parent talk was given a free music CD with 14 bullying prevention songs. The songs cover everything from telling and

Ayr Public School's Bully Box

tattling to empathy.
Here you can see that Ayr Public School really takes bullying prevention seriously. They have this Bully Box in the office so that students can write down bullying related problems and drop the information in the bullying box for confidential assistance. Principal Nancy Thorsen says that with the bully box and also  weekly class meetings, student difficulties get resolved quite quickly.
Try the bully box idea in your school. It can make an effective difference!

Front Hall Mural at Ayr School

Ayr PS Front Hall Mural

Spirit of Community Assemblies About Bullying, Cyberbullying and Respect at Waterloo Region School

“Respectful students make a respectful school.”

That statement really rings true here in Elmira, Ontario. We found the spirit of community to be alive and well at Floradale Public School in Elmira (Waterloo Region District School Board).

This is a farming community where people really help people. That feeling came through as we spent time with the students today, talking about cyberbullying and respect.  The role-plays  drove home the point that we need to be respectful  in the real world and the virtual world, no matter what. Students at Floradale care about each other. We could feel the passion for respect as we presented the Stand Up Against Bullying assemblies to the students.

Floradale School, Elmira

Floradale Public School, Elmira Ontario

Floradale School Principal, Leslie McNabb said, “All three assemblies were phenomenal ! The kids were riveted, the teachers were raving, and the students really GOT the messages.”

Arrange to have Bruce Langford present assemblies at your school by contacting Stand Up Now Productions at 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

Building respect assembly in Waterloo Region District Schools

Building a better world, one student at a time.
This is the slogan at New Dundee Public School near Kitchener, Ontario.
These students really understand RESPECT. They work on these things every day:

  1. Friendly language

    New Dundee Dragon

  2. Including others
  3. Cooperation
  4. Helping each other
  5. Being polite

New Dundee Principal, Mrs. Debbie Scholl makes sure the students are thinking about respect. She has made sure the walls are covered with positive messages and character-building reminders. See for yourself. Even the New Dundee Dragon mascot is a respectful fellow! Here are just a few of the positive messages we saw here at New Dundee Public School.

Mrs. Scholl was totally enthusiastic about the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies.
“You really made respect come alive to our children!”, she exclaimed. “We were completely delighted!”
Mrs. Deb Scholl, Principal, New Dundee Public School

Intermediate Respect Assemblies a Hit with Windsor School Students

Bullying Prevention at Marlborough PS

Positive remarks from Grade 7 and 8 Marlborough Public School students flowed after the assembly there earlier today.
“I really liked the videos and the songs!” (Grade 7 student)
“You got me thinking about how I treat other people. I will treat my brother better from now on.” (Grade 8 student)
“When can you come back to Marlborough?” (Grade 8 student)

The students got me thinking too. If I can feel so appreciated at Marlborough Public School, what are they doing under that roof that I can learn from?
Number one, I believe that Marlborough principal, Jessica Reimers treats her staff and students with respect. That came through to me as a visitor there.
Number two, I believe the teachers treat the students with respect. Extra-curricular activities mean a lot to the students and they are proud to participate. Students talked about the great sports opportunities they have at Marlborough and they talked about the music program. An example is the Drum Line band led by music teacher, Mr. Tim Beneteau. The students admire and respect him. They talked about him from the time I met the first students in the morning.
This brings me to a tip to help improve your own school climate.
Get involved in some extra-curricular activity. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a support person in the school, extra-curricular activities can really boost the school morale and help everyone feel of value. It can build confidence and school spirit too!


Following the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ presentation, one of the comments we received was:
“Bruce Langford’s assembly grabbed the students’ attention in an instant. Really great program!”
Mr. Tim Beneteau, Music Teacher.

It was great being visitors in a school where the feeling of respect can be felt from both students and staff. Keep up that great community spirit, Marlborough Mariners!

Cyberbullying Assemblies in Toronto (Brampton) Ontario

Bruce Langford as DJ Benny DL

Cyberbullying Assemblies to teach students about cyber-safety and the virtual world in Toronto. St. Jean Brebeuf hosted Bruce Langford and Stand Up Now Productions today with ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies and ‘Cyberbullying – Got 2 Go’.

Cyberbullying Tip: Always unplug your webcam when you are not using it or cover the lens if your webcam is built into your computer.

That was one of the tips we shared with Grade 7 and 8 students during the talk today.
Book Bruce Langford for a Keynote address, a teacher talk, or a parent meet and greet.
Contact Bruce at 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

Bullying Tips for Kids in Toronto School with DJ Benny DL

Benny DL rocked the house in Toronto today with cool songs and bullying tips for kids as he went on the air live at Lynngate Public School in Toronto (Scarborough). Staff and students gave the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ shows two thumbs up as Bruce Langford (aka Benny DL) gave out prizes, showed videos, and featured role-plays by Lynngate’s own students.
Lynngate really believes in living respect and growing character. That is proven when you meet the children and glance around the halls.

This poem spotted on the wall is only one of the signs of proof:

Watch your thoughts;
they become words.
Watch your words;
they become actions.
Watch your actions;
they become habits.
Watch your habits;
they become character;
Watch your character;
it becomes your destiny.
                      Frank Outlaw

 Lynngate School Principal, Ms. Diane Kriksciunas, remarked that the assemblies were ‘simply excellent’ after watching her students interact with presenter Bruce Langford of Stand Up Now Productions.
Here are three tips to help you deal with bullying in your life:
1. In some cases, ignore the bullying. The bully is often trying to test you to see if you will lose your cool. Don’t lose your cool!
2. Tell a parent, teacher or other adult if you feel you are being bullied. If you get no help, talk to someone else or ask the original person again. Call Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868) if you have no one else to talk to.
3. Try to keep acting and looking confident. Don’t let the bullying think he or she is winning.

Contact Bruce Langford at 1-800-901-8831 or by emailing through the website: www.standupnow.ca

Respect Assemblies Teaching About the Bystander in Sarnia Ontario Canada

Colonel Cameron Public School

Mrs. Cindy Kramer of Colonel Cameron Public School in Corunna (Lambton Kent District School Board) was excited about the Stand Up For Respect Bullying Prevention assemblies by Bruce Langford and Stand Up Now Productions.
A role-play about a student who was shunned by team captains helped students identify with the person. We talked about empathy and how empathy means putting yourself into someone else’s shoes. We talked about bystanders who see or hear meanness and do nothing about it. Bystanders are not bad people. Maybe they just didn’t know what to do. Maybe they were scared. Maybe it happened so fast, they didn’t have a chance to act. Even adults will be bystanders sometimes. As adults, we always need to be aware that it is our responsibility to protect children. Be visible and keep an eye open to make sure our children are safe. We do need to teach our children to stand up for themselves and others, but we need to also teach them to stay safe.
As part of our assemblies today, adults and kids vowed together:
“I will stand up for respect”.
We met many respectful people at Colonel Cameron Public School and received a warm and caring welcome.

To arrange programs for your school, contact Stand Up Now Productions at 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

Ottawa Students Stop Bullying Now

Maple Ridge Elementary School, Ottawa

Maple Ridge Elementary School, Ottawa

Intermediate Grade 7,8 bullying Prevention Assembly (Ottawa) at Maple Ridge Elementary School gets thumbs up from principal Madame Celine Leduc. “The assembly was not about the songs or the performance, it was about the message. I really liked it.”

We certainly felt a high level of respect from the students at Maple Ridge. They answered questions, participated in role-plays and responded with enthusiasm to the music.

Maple Ridge Mural

Maple Ridge Mural

They really proved they know what it means to ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’. Being a bystander accomplishes nothing. You need to do something when you see bullying behaviour.

  1. Tell someone
  2. Talk to the targeted person later
  3. Speak up when you see meanness happening
  4. Be a good role model with others
  5. Don’t participate in the nasty behaviours

Book assemblies for your school. Visit our website at www.standupnow.ca

National Gallery of Canada Inspires Creative Ways to Stop Bullying

Artists get bullied more than the rest of the population.

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Do you believe the above statement? Some people do. Artists think outside the box. They are unique. They have a creative side that much of society doesn’t understand. Go to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa like we did today and we think you will agree that we must encourage creativity. It is people with creativity who create everything from new inventions to games to entertaining movies &

National Gallery Looking Up

National Gallery Looking Up

 books. Creative people are inspired by that which is artistic. We would be lost in this world without those people who are able to create.
So we must stand up against bullying of creative and artistic people. How to stand up against bullying?
1. Don’t just look the other way, do something.
2. Speak up for the person.
3. Talk to them later with encouraging words.
4. Let people know you don’t agree with bullying.
5. Be a role model who will inspire others.
6. Live your life as a positive example for people to see.

Stand Up Now Productions (Bruce Langford) visited St. Anne Catholic School

St. Anne Catholic School, Kanata

St. Anne Catholic School, Kanata

 in Kanata (Ottawa) today to teach children how to stand up against bullying.
Principal, Mrs. Jane Hill of St. Anne School spoke highly of the Stand Up Against Bullying assemblies and will recommend Stand Up Now to other schools.
Arrange ‘Stand Up Now’ Programs to take place at your school. Visit the website at: http://www.standupnow.ca</object