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Ottawa School Welcomes Stand Up Against Bullying Assemblies

Charles H. Hulse PS

Charles Hulse Public School in Ottawa

Charles H. Hulse Public School in Ottawa is filled with enthusiastic children and a friendly, welcoming staff. That was certainly our impression when we visited yesterday while on an Ottawa tour. The children understand bullying and want to do something about it. We shared songs and videos as well as stories and role-plays. After the assemblies we talked to the children and asked them what they learned.
“I learned what to do if someone calls me names.”
“Now I understand what to do if someone leaves me out of a game and they keep being mean to me.”
These are some of the comments we received. One teacher came out of her classroom to speak to me and said, “I just want to thank you for what you do with these assemblies. This is really needed”.
Principal Suzanne Denney obviously pours herself into her work at Charles Hulse. Staff members talked about her exceptional efforts with the children and gave specific examples of how she goes over the top to make hers a caring school.
Thanks to Charles H. Hulse Public School for your warm welcome and generous spirit!
Stand Up Against Bullying Assemblies are designed for children in Kindergarten to grade 8.

Ottawa Students Stop Bullying Now

Maple Ridge Elementary School, Ottawa

Maple Ridge Elementary School, Ottawa

Intermediate Grade 7,8 bullying Prevention Assembly (Ottawa) at Maple Ridge Elementary School gets thumbs up from principal Madame Celine Leduc. “The assembly was not about the songs or the performance, it was about the message. I really liked it.”

We certainly felt a high level of respect from the students at Maple Ridge. They answered questions, participated in role-plays and responded with enthusiasm to the music.

Maple Ridge Mural

Maple Ridge Mural

They really proved they know what it means to ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’. Being a bystander accomplishes nothing. You need to do something when you see bullying behaviour.

  1. Tell someone
  2. Talk to the targeted person later
  3. Speak up when you see meanness happening
  4. Be a good role model with others
  5. Don’t participate in the nasty behaviours

Book assemblies for your school. Visit our website at www.standupnow.ca