Respect Assemblies Teaching About the Bystander in Sarnia Ontario Canada

Colonel Cameron Public School

Mrs. Cindy Kramer of Colonel Cameron Public School in Corunna (Lambton Kent District School Board) was excited about the Stand Up For Respect Bullying Prevention assemblies by Bruce Langford and Stand Up Now Productions.
A role-play about a student who was shunned by team captains helped students identify with the person. We talked about empathy and how empathy means putting yourself into someone else’s shoes. We talked about bystanders who see or hear meanness and do nothing about it. Bystanders are not bad people. Maybe they just didn’t know what to do. Maybe they were scared. Maybe it happened so fast, they didn’t have a chance to act. Even adults will be bystanders sometimes. As adults, we always need to be aware that it is our responsibility to protect children. Be visible and keep an eye open to make sure our children are safe. We do need to teach our children to stand up for themselves and others, but we need to also teach them to stay safe.
As part of our assemblies today, adults and kids vowed together:
“I will stand up for respect”.
We met many respectful people at Colonel Cameron Public School and received a warm and caring welcome.

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