Intermediate Respect Assemblies a Hit with Windsor School Students

Bullying Prevention at Marlborough PS

Positive remarks from Grade 7 and 8 Marlborough Public School students flowed after the assembly there earlier today.
“I really liked the videos and the songs!” (Grade 7 student)
“You got me thinking about how I treat other people. I will treat my brother better from now on.” (Grade 8 student)
“When can you come back to Marlborough?” (Grade 8 student)

The students got me thinking too. If I can feel so appreciated at Marlborough Public School, what are they doing under that roof that I can learn from?
Number one, I believe that Marlborough principal, Jessica Reimers treats her staff and students with respect. That came through to me as a visitor there.
Number two, I believe the teachers treat the students with respect. Extra-curricular activities mean a lot to the students and they are proud to participate. Students talked about the great sports opportunities they have at Marlborough and they talked about the music program. An example is the Drum Line band led by music teacher, Mr. Tim Beneteau. The students admire and respect him. They talked about him from the time I met the first students in the morning.
This brings me to a tip to help improve your own school climate.
Get involved in some extra-curricular activity. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a support person in the school, extra-curricular activities can really boost the school morale and help everyone feel of value. It can build confidence and school spirit too!


Following the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ presentation, one of the comments we received was:
“Bruce Langford’s assembly grabbed the students’ attention in an instant. Really great program!”
Mr. Tim Beneteau, Music Teacher.

It was great being visitors in a school where the feeling of respect can be felt from both students and staff. Keep up that great community spirit, Marlborough Mariners!