People Who Change Can Change the World

You can change! You can become a person who can make a difference and change the world!
Benny DL, (Bruce Langford), shared this message in ‘Stand Up For Respect Shows’ at Mount Royal Public School in Brampton yesterday, (Peel District School Board).
In the grade 4-8 assemblies BennyDL sang a song called ‘The Circle’ which is about a boy who never thought he would be the person to make a difference. In the song an incident happens and the boy changes his attitude and starts helping others. He decides to no longer be a bystander. He becomes the person who really does make a difference.
You can change. You can become the person to make a difference. Realize that you can make up your mind to change and you could end up changing the world!
Bruce Langford will come to your school to present musical assemblies with Stand Up Now Productions. Contact him at bruce or 1-800-901-8831. See the Stand Up Now Website