Cooperation Could Have Saved Phoebe Prince

The bullying tip for the day is about Cooperation.  Try to use cooperation! It is very important to know that cooperation will help reduce bullying.  
Try to cooperate with others.
Try to use words which will encourage people to cooperate.
Try to get along with others so they will want to cooperate with you.

I think you will find that once people see you trying to cooperate, they will try too. When more people start trying to get along, then bullying will start to disappear.

I believe that with more cooperation from those who knew her, Phoebe Prince could have been saved some of the pain she went through.

I believe that together, we can help eliminate bullying!

We talked about cooperation at Churchill Meadows Public School in Mississauga (Peel District School Board). Click on the video to learn more about bullying presentations and bullying prevention in Mississauga and Toronto area Schools.

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