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Stand Up Against Bullying Assemblies in Peel, Toronto and York Region Schools

We’ve recently had some of our best feedback after visiting a number of schools in Peel District School Board (PDSB), Toronto District School Board (TDSB), and York Region District School Board (YRDSB). We’ve presented to great student audiences with excellent school spirit and awesome assembly behaviour!  Here are some comments:

“Your Cyberbullying assemblies captured our grade 7,8 audience. The role plays were excellent. Thank you!”
Gina Christakis, Vice-Principal Kent Senior Public School, Toronto District School Board, Toronto Ontario

“Bruce Langford’s Stand Up To Bullying Assemblies were brilliant, absolutely brilliant!”
Maxine Prizzon, Teacher Ridgewood Public School, Peel District School Board, Mississauga Ontario

“The Stand Up Against Bullying assemblies were really, really good! The role-plays really engaged the audience!”
Frank Thomson, (Occasional Teacher) York Region District School Board, Kleinburg Public School & Mt. Albert Public School, Greater Toronto Ontario Area

Arrange assemblies for your school by contacting Bruce Langford’s Stand Up Now Productions, telephone 1-800-901-8831, e-mail website

Don’t Keep It Inside, Tell Someone You Trust!

Why do so many of us clam up when someone says or does something mean to us? That’s how bullying can start. I can tell you, there have been times in the past when I lacked confidence. I would question myself. Did I say something wrong? Did I give a mean impression? Honestly, we all lack confidence at certain times. We all have to build ourselves up sometimes.

One of the best ways to deal with this is by deciding not to keep these thoughts inside. Talk about it with someone you trust. Write down your ideas in a journal. Share with someone you are sure you can depend on, but other than that, keep it private.

This can really help to deal with bullying situations in your own life.

Celebrate ALL Cultures on St. Patrick’s Day!

A poll carried out the last week of January, 2010 of about 1500 Canadian adults revealed that 68% have heard racist comments in the past year and 31% have witnessed a racist incident in the past year.
People aged 18-24 are reported to be most likely to report racism and the majority of people in this same age group have the positive belief that racism is declining. (Racism in Canada -Leger Marketing Poll)
Racism can definitely contribute to bullying behaviours. Help stamp out racism. Here’s how:

Speak up. Be willing to report. Be willing to speak against racist jokes or racial slurs. Be sure to set the best examples possible for others. Try to be non-confrontational in your approach, but be confident and secure. Create an image in your mind of a world without racism and believe it can happen. 

Today is St. Patrick’s day. Celebrate the Irish, but celebrate all cultures of the world by setting a positive example for others.
Our youth are highly influenced by the behaviours of the rest of us. Every one of us must take the stand – Stand Up Against Racism!

Paralympics 2010 Can Inspire Us All!

Imagine the journey each athelete has travelled! Discovering their passion, setting their goal and making it happen have all been steps along the way.  
Listen to their individual stories and be inspired. These amazing men and women can make us all proud and provide rock solid inspiration to each of us in our own lives as we deal with our own challenges like bullying and put-downs.
Go Olympians!

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Stand Up Against Bullying!

Do people ever feel guilty for their bullying behaviours? Indeed, there are many who have written years later about their desire to make it up to the people they have bullied.
One man wrote a letter of apology fifty-four years later to the person he bullied back in grade school.
Bullying is not new. Bullying is not acceptable. Bullying is real.
Steer clear of bullying. Strive to become the kind of person who respects others and refuses to be part of bullying behaviours.
Stand Up Against Bullying! (

Brian McKeever and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

At the eleventh hour Brian McKeever found out he would not be representing Canada on Feb 28 in the 50 meter cross country. I can only imagine his disappointment.
Many people have  experienced another kind of disappointment when they learned a good friend had turned against them, or a group of peers had started a smear campaign against them.  McKeever hasn’t been bullied, but he must be dealing with emotional turmoil.
Just remember – stay strong, hang in, and STAND UP with confidence!

So far, Canada has not won a medal in Olympic cross-country, but tomorrow will give us another chance! Go Canada!
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Joannie Rochette Shows Incredible Strength

Joannie Rochette displayed amazing focus as she courageously moved forward determined to win a medal in spite of her mother’s recent fatal heart attack after arriving in Vancouver.
She continued on to earn a bronze medal and attributed her success to her mother, Therese, who wanted a better life for her daughter than she herself had.
When dealing with bullied children, we can learn from the strength and focus shown by Joannie Rochette.

Inquire about Stand Up Now presentations for your child’s school, or the school of your neice, grandson or cousin. It will increase the emphasis of having a safe school and will give the children concepts to hold on to. Our programs educate and entertain with memorable content.
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Confidence is Your Key to Success

Keep your chin up! Are you feeling discouraged or defeated? Think of all the times a winning athlete may need a boost. Keeping your confidence is one of the key skills a winning person must conquer. Be your own cheerleader! Don’t let those thoughts of discouragement grab hold. Be strong, be confident, be a winner!

Alexandre Bilodeau Wins Gold

Alexandre Bilodeau has won Canada’s first gold at Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics. He says his inspiration is his brother Frederic. Those two are certainly an inspiration to all of us as we work toward our dreams.

Our dream of eliminating bullying is something we are working on bit by bit. Visit us at

Go Beyond the Limits to Solve Bullying

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.”
Arthur C. Clarke

Sir Arthur Clarke was a well known author and inventor. He is most famous for the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey which he wrote with Stanley Kubric.
In 1945 he published his idea that satellites would be an effective method of communication. His idea to communicate using satellites has now become reality. Sir Arthur Clarke was definitely a forward thinker and left our world a better place.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to solve bullying problems. Visit our website at