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Talk out your bullying problems using a non-confrontational approach

Talk it out, talk it out, talk it out!

If you are being bullied, don’t keep it all inside you. You can talk it out with the person who is making life tough for you – as long as you do it in a non-confrontational way. Make sure you don’t sound threatening, and don’t display anger or frustration. Just stay cool, and casually talk it out with them.

If you are experiencing bullying on a regular basis, find someone you can talk to; find a trusted friend or adult; find a teacher or councilor. Talk out a situation that is bothering you and it can make all the difference in how quickly you are able to resolve the conflict.

Don’t have anyone to talk to?

Boy talking to dogTalk to yourself or your pet. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, call ‘KidsHelpPhone’ at 1-800-668-6868. You can also jot down your thoughts in a journal. This can really help you work through your problems. Just remember, keeping anger and frustration locked inside can eventually cause problems.

Talk it out in the most safe and confidential way possible.

Stand Up Now Productions –LiveSchoolShows about Bullying & Conflict Resolution with teacher/presenter Bruce Langford.

Kelso’s Choice conflict management skills program for your school

Kelso's Choice Image BullyingWhen we go into schools to do bullying prevention assemblies, I am always happy to see various programs and methods being used to address bullying and to teach conflict resolution. One of the many programs that is effective with children is called ‘Kelso’s Choice’. It is a conflict management skills program which is for elementary school children up to about ten years old. It can increase confidence, reduce tattling and most importantly reduce bullying. Kelso the frog is the central focus and the Kelso’s Choice Wheel with 9 problem-solvingKelsos Wheel solutions is one of the main learning tools. When confronting a “small” problem, students are encouraged to try two choices from “Kelso’s Wheel.” If the “ small” problem persists, they are told that adult intervention is warranted. Visit the Kelso’s Choice website to learn more at


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Keep your temper in check when dealing with bullying

ImageParents of children with emotional problems face extra challenges when dealing with bullying. Extra care must be taken that adults in these situations are not overly harsh in their discipline and that they maintain complete control of their emotions. Mom, Dad and any other care givers should always make sure to keep tempers in check, otherwise the adult-child relationship can become strained very quickly. Consistency is one of the most important factors when dealing with children and this cannot be emphasized too much with children who have emotional problems.


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Anti-Bullying Song Stronger by Megan Landry


Canadian Singing Sensation Megan Landry Pixel Dust

Hear 15-year-old singing sensation Megan Landry perform her anti-bullying song on YouTube
You are awesome, Megan!
Here are the lyrics to Stronger by Megan Landry 

Stronger    Megan Landry

Go ahead and load a gun with all your bitter words
Guarantee it’ll be the loudest gunshot heard
Sticks and stones will break your bones
but one day they will cure
nothing hurts, nothing’s worse
than the taste of hurtful words

No need for bullets, no need for knives
Your sharpest weapon is your drunken lies

You taught me to be stronger
To stand a little prouder
Yell a little louder
You taught me to look right over your head
To smile instead, forget where I bled in the first place

Go ahead and huff & puff and blow my house down
Go ahead and sink my boat but you’re never gonna see me drown
Go ahead and mark me up with bruises and scars
Go ahead and push me but you’re gonna be behind bars

No need for bullets no need for knives
Your sharpest weapon is your drunken lies

You taught me to be stronger
To stand a little prouder, yell a little louder
You taught me to look right over your head
To smile instead, forget where I bled in the first place

Tear me down, I won’t fall to the ground
Don’t say my name, like it belongs in your mouth
Don’t try to break me, don’t try to shake me today, yeah.

You taught me to be stronger
To stand a little prouder, yell a little louder
You taught me to look right over your head
To smile instead, forget where I bled in the first place

See Megan’s amazing YouTube video by clicking here:

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Global National News, 16 Year Old Impersonates a Toronto Teen on Facebook

Global Television, Toronto

A sixteen-year-old has been charged in Toronto with 2 counts of impersonation. The 16 year old student allegedly set up a Facebook account using a false identity and sent disparaging remarks to the friends of the victim. He apparently carried this on for 11 months.

As an anti-bullying advocate, I was requested by Global News to comment as part of the story which aired Friday night. I was asked if I felt it was reasonable for a 16 year old to be charged with such a crime. I remarked that a 16 year-old must take responsibility for his actions. When asked about cyber-bullying, I commented that as a society we all have a responsibility to help our youth stay safe on-line. is one web site where an individual can manage their on-line identity.

For more information on cyberbullying safety visit

Burlington School in Halton Region Hosts Stand Up Against Bullying Assemblies

Mrs. Cynthia Bate, Principal of Maplehurst Public School in Burlington Ontario is serious about teaching her students respect and bullying prevention. The students found the Stand Up To Bullying Assemblies engaging and fun. They learned important concepts about how to deal with bullying behaviours.

The Maplehurst School Pledge is a testament to the importance of respect to the students and staff at Maplehurst School.

Maplehurst PS Pledge BurlingtonMaplehurst Pledge

I will show respect for myself and others
I will be responsible for my actions
I will behave in a truthful manner
I will appreciate and accept people’s differences
I will treat others as I wish to be treated
I will work hard to achieve my goals
I will make the right choices even when they are unpopular
I will seek help when someone is in trouble
I have hope for the future
I will seek opportunities for improvement
I will stand up for what is right.

 Stand Up Against Bullying School Assemblies

 Maplehurst PS Burlington Ontario

Toronto School Thrilled With Stand Up Now Anti-Bullying Assemblies

Cooperation – We work together for a common purpose. We work together to reach a common goal.

 This is the message on the gym door at Lescon PublicWe Work Together at Lescon School in North York. Principal Mario Perri obviously cares about bullying prevention, cooperation and respect. He was pleased with our programs so much so that he invited us back for another visit. Students told us that most bullying situations don’thappen at Lescon because students look out for each other and respect each other in a genuine way.

 Here is a bullying prevention tip we shared with students at Lescon Public School today:

Toronto School Bullying Initiative

Lescon Public School, North York

If you see bullying behaviour, act on it by reporting it, saying something, changing the subject or speaking up. This is a key way to ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’.  

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Peel school board visit – using emotions to counter bullying

Here is a bullying tip we shared with students in a Peel District School student workshop:

Talk about feelings and emotions to diffuse a bully. This is known to sometimes stop bullies in their tracks. Most people who bully others are not comfortable hearing about feelings. Here is an example:

Mean Person: I think I’ll punch your lights out after school today.
Other Person: I’m sure you could do that. I would be really bummed out if you did attack me.
Mean Person: Yeah, well, I might just do that.
Other Person: I guess you’re feeling a bit disappointed about the game today?
Mean Person: Leave me alone.
Other Person: You did play really well though, even if you did lose.
Mean Person: Whatever.
Other Person: See you around.

In the above dialogue, you can tell that the bully is starting to soften in response to the ‘Other Person’. This can actually happen in real life. Just be careful how you chose your words. Don’t let the bully think that you are taunting.

Try to ignore the bully’s words and feed back the feelings behind his comments.

Being honest and straightforward with your feelings can make a bully sit up and take notice. Sometimes they completely change direction and leave you alone.

We offer workshops and assemblies to deal with bullying head on.
Stand Up Against Bullying / Cyberbullying – Got 2 Go
Bruce Langford, Bullying Prevention Presenter

Toronto school pleased with cyber-bullying student workshop

ImageGulfstream Public School in Toronto played host to bullying prevention assemblies including a cyber-bullying and cyber-safety workshop by presenter Bruce Langford.

Here is a tip shared with the students during the cyber-bullying assembly:

 Cyberbullying Tip: Unplug your webcam when you are not using it. Your computer could get hacked and if so, everything the webcam is focusing on could be seen by someone you don’t even know.
If your webcam is built into your computer, cover it with a piece of tape or a sticky note.
Don’t take the chance that someone could invade your privacy. Be careful!

 Bullying can happen as a result of computer hacking and a breach of privacy.

Gulfstream Vice-Principal, Donelda Schwartzentruber said “The assemblies were really good – just what we were looking for. The students were very attentive and our teachers were pleased.”

School Assemblies by Stand Up Now Productions


Ontario Bullying Prevention Assemblies Include Cyberbullying Tips

ImageToronto Presenter, Bruce Langford has visited hundreds of schools delivering tips to students about how to avoid the pitfalls of cyber-bullying. Here are Five Tips to Help Prevent Cyber-Bullying:

  1. Print or Save if a chat becomes nasty or threatening.
  2. Check your privacy settings regularly on your social networking sites – make sure they are set to high safety levels.
  3. Use appropriate language at all times in texts, chats & e-mails.
  4. Only add friends you really know to social networking sites.
  5. Share any concerns about on-line issues with a trusted adult.

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