Ontario Bullying Prevention Assemblies Include Cyberbullying Tips

ImageToronto Presenter, Bruce Langford has visited hundreds of schools delivering tips to students about how to avoid the pitfalls of cyber-bullying. Here are Five Tips to Help Prevent Cyber-Bullying:

  1. Print or Save if a chat becomes nasty or threatening.
  2. Check your privacy settings regularly on your social networking sites – make sure they are set to high safety levels.
  3. Use appropriate language at all times in texts, chats & e-mails.
  4. Only add friends you really know to social networking sites.
  5. Share any concerns about on-line issues with a trusted adult.

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  • Here is one added tip: remember that pics taken on most phones have gps encoding. Snap a photo and upload it and your location is immediately known!
    Turn off the gps encoding to keep your location private.