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Toronto school pleased with cyber-bullying student workshop

ImageGulfstream Public School in Toronto played host to bullying prevention assemblies including a cyber-bullying and cyber-safety workshop by presenter Bruce Langford.

Here is a tip shared with the students during the cyber-bullying assembly:

 Cyberbullying Tip: Unplug your webcam when you are not using it. Your computer could get hacked and if so, everything the webcam is focusing on could be seen by someone you don’t even know.
If your webcam is built into your computer, cover it with a piece of tape or a sticky note.
Don’t take the chance that someone could invade your privacy. Be careful!

 Bullying can happen as a result of computer hacking and a breach of privacy.

Gulfstream Vice-Principal, Donelda Schwartzentruber said “The assemblies were really good – just what we were looking for. The students were very attentive and our teachers were pleased.”

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Ontario Bullying Prevention Assemblies Include Cyberbullying Tips

ImageToronto Presenter, Bruce Langford has visited hundreds of schools delivering tips to students about how to avoid the pitfalls of cyber-bullying. Here are Five Tips to Help Prevent Cyber-Bullying:

  1. Print or Save if a chat becomes nasty or threatening.
  2. Check your privacy settings regularly on your social networking sites – make sure they are set to high safety levels.
  3. Use appropriate language at all times in texts, chats & e-mails.
  4. Only add friends you really know to social networking sites.
  5. Share any concerns about on-line issues with a trusted adult.

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