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Six Top Tips for School Trips from Bruce Langford, The Stand Up Against Bullying Guy


Mapleview Heights School, Barrie

Mapleview Heights School, Barrie Ontario

  1. Listen closely to the instructions of your group leader.
  2. Stay with your group and do what you are expected to do.
  3. Include others in your activities when possible.
  4. Be friendly to travelers you meet.
  5. If the trip is an overnighter, stay in your designated room as directed.
  6. Remember, you are representing your school. Always act in a way that would make your school proud.

We just visited Mapleview Heights Public School in Barrie where we presented ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’, ‘Stand Up For Respect’ and ‘Cyberbullying – Got 2 Go’. Our assemblies received excellent evaluations from all the students and staff we spoke to. “The role-plays were extremely effective in getting the messages across and the music and videos were captivating.”

To book ‘Stand Up Now’ assemblies for your school, contact our office at 1-800-901-8831 or e-mail us at info@standupnow.ca