Fantastic Arts Assemblies in Toronto Region by Stand Up Now!

Coppard Glen School

Bruce Langford’s Stand Up Now assemblies came to Coppard Glen Public School in the Toronto Region (Markham) today. The anti-bullying assemblies were:
‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ for primary children grades 1-3;
‘Stand Up For Respect’ for junior students grades 4-6;
‘Cyber-bullying – Got 2 Go’ for intermediate students grades 7-8.
The students were buzzing about the awesome assemblies by The Stand Up Against Bullying Guy. Afterwards, principal Mary Salvarinas made the following comments:

“That was fantastic! I was very impressed. You (Bruce Langford) totally engaged the students! I loved your format with the grade 7 and 8 students! I would encourage any school to host Stand Up Now Productions bullying prevention programs.
Mary Salvarinas, Principal Coppard Glen Public School, Markham (York Region District School Board)
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