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The Quickest Way You Can Become More Calm and More Focused

find your inner calmI used to be impatient. I don’t mean all the time, but sometimes I’d suddenly realize I was operating in a frantic kind of auto-pilot mode. I would briefly realize my brain was moving a mile a minute, and then before I knew it, my thoughts would be jumping on to some other topic and I would forget all about my concern about being impatient. One thing I did know, I often felt a sense of overwhelm.

Do you ever feel that sensation of being overwhelmed? Do you sometimes wish you could be more relaxed and just turn your brain off or at least onto a slower setting? This is not uncommon. Especially in this day and age where Continue reading

High School Bullying; Relationships and Abuse

be_kind_always(Submitted by guest blogger, a current high school student – Thanks tons, A.R.)
When bullying comes to mind, thoughts surrounding fighting, comments or pictures circulating the internet and schools come along with it. What we fail to recognize, due to privacy, is that bullying also occurs within relationships whether it’s getting a punch in the face, being objectified or constantly getting yelled at for not being the ideal girlfriend or boyfriend.

Everyone wants to know how it feels to be loved and will do anything to get it, whether that means dressing up like Lady Gaga or wearing their pants low like Lil’ Wayne. Changing yourself to please others is highly common in high schools; teenagers will do everything in their willpower to jump into a relationship for that ideal feeling of being loved. But is it really the love that is sucking everyone in or is it the idea of being loved by someone?

I had a friend in high school who loved the feeling of being Continue reading

Controlling your emotions can minimize bullying situations

hotsummerAs the summer days roll along, it is easy to forget about how many kids get bullied during the summer months. The heat can cause tempers to flair and sometimes anger turns into bullying. After all, bullying is when there is a real or perceived imbalance of power between two (or more) people.

How can we control our tempers when things just tick you off?

Answer: Tune in to your feelings so you can identify oncoming anger before it becomes a full blown case of losing your cool. If you can tell that you are getting testy, then you can take action ahead of time.

1/ Take 10 deep breaths.

2/ Think about a Continue reading

Anger Management Tips

Anger Management Stand Up Now ProductionsEveryone gets angry once and a while. The key is to not let this anger ruin the rest of your day. You should learn how to manage your anger, and try to get rid of it to help you get through the day without it lingering in the back of your mind. Anger can negatively affect you in many ways, so here are a few tips to help you with anger management:


1) Be active

Go outside for a run, bike somewhere, or go swimming. Being active helps to take your mind off of things and release your energy. The fresh air and change of environment will also help you. Anger is easily released during physical activity.

2) Breathe

Take a moment to remember to breathe. Stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and take several deep breaths. Breathe in, hold that air for a few seconds, and then slowly release your breath. Imagine your breath coming from your gut, so that you do not just breathe from your chest. This will help you to lower your tension and stress levels.

3) Express your anger

After you have calmed down, talk with someone about what happened. Try to find out how to fix whatever caused your anger. Identify solutions that will help you to overcome your anger. Try not to be confrontational when talking with someone, as this could cause another wave of anger.


Your feelings can affect how you act and what you say. You do not want to regret what you do later on, so if you feel yourself getting angry, remove yourself from the area immediately. Follow the three steps outlined above, and try to get yourself in order and clear your mind before you go back.