York Catholic School Welcomes Guest Speaker at Respect Assemblies

Holy Bible at PJP II Catholic School

We visited Pope John Paul II Catholic School to present three ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies. We were inspired by the students and staff we met at the school.
A grade 8 student at PJP II shared the following story with us during our visit:
A younger child, who was a student at another school, expressed some frustration he was having with another child. The grade 8 PJP II student offered advice and acted as a positive role model to help the younger student learn how to improve his situation.
This is an excellent example of an older student using his wisdom and compassion to help a young child. Wisdom and compassion are two of the virtues taught at Pope John Paul 2nd School.

We can all work at being positive role models. Set good examples. Share your knowledge and advice. Use compassion and wisdom just as the student at JPJ II did.   

The virtues celebrated at Pope John Paul II Catholic School in Richmond Hill are:

Pope John Paul II School Virtues


The shared vision of the York Catholic DSB is:
‘We are a Catholic Learning Community of collaborative partners, called to serve one another by being committed to and accountable for quality learning by all, with Jesus as our inspiration’

Pope John Paul II Catholic Elementary School, Richmond Hill Ontario

We experienced students and staff who showed they are committed to and accountable for quality learning at Pope John Paul II Catholic School.

For more information about the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies presented by Bruce Langford, visit www.standupnow.ca or call 1-800-901-8831.