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Tips about Put-downs in Respect Character Ed Assemblies

Awesome Mural at Derrydown School in Toronto

Awesome Mural at Derrydown School

Remember to not be involved in put-downs. To do this, try not to use mean language, swearing or name-calling.  Don’t even get involved in put-downs that are started by other people. Do try to include other people in activities and conversations and be friendly and respectful. I believe that if you make up your mind to avoid put-downs, you will earn respect.

We included these tips about put-downs in ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies at Derrydown Public School in the Toronto District School Board. Students and staff were very upbeat about the assemblies and we received these comments afterwards:
Bruce Langford’s presentations have the wow factor. You really captured our students at Derrydown!
Al Copeti (Teacher)

The kids just loved Bruce Langford’s ‘Stand Up For Respect’ presentations and so did the teachers. Really engaging. I hope you come back soon.
Dorothy Pienkow (Teacher), Derrydown School, Toronto
Alla Ostrovsky, (Teaching Assistant) Derrydown School 

We would be pleased to present character education assemblies at your school. Contact Bruce Langford at Stand Up Now Productions at 1-800-901-8831 or www.standupnow.ca