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Cyberbullying Assemblies at Toronto Catholic School

We have just presented our ‘Cyber-Bullying – Got 2 Go’ assembly and our ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assembly at Santa Maria Catholic School (Toronto, Ontario) in the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Principal, Rita Santo was pleased with the presentations and told us she will tell colleagues that she recommends the Stand Up Now assemblies by Bruce Langford.

Watch the video below for some valuable tips about passwords.
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Anti-Bullying Programs in York Region School Called Exceptional

Benny DL playing piano

Benny DL playing piano

We presented ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Public School in Markham Ontario (York Region District School Board) and received this letter following our visit. (Note: the letter is written to the Principal and Vice Principal).

Les amis de la 2e année

Salle 123

Le 25 mars 2010

 Chères Mme Finn et Mme Palmer,               

                Merci beaucoup d’avoir organisé l’assemblée formidable de taxage.  Le “D.J.” nous a montré d’excellentes stratégies pour arrêter le taxage.  C’était amusant d’entendre et de chanter les chansons rhythmiques!  Avec ce qu’on a appris on a écrit une lettre à une amie qui avait des problèmes de taxage.  On a créé des posters contre le taxage.  On va aussi faire du drame.               

                Merci beaucoup pour ce spectacle exceptionnel!

 Les amis de Mme Shepherd

Here is the English translation:

Grade 2 Friends

Room 123

March 25, 2010

 Dear Ms. Finn and Ms. Palmer,       

                Thank you very much for organizing the great assembly of bullying. The “DJ” has shown excellent strategies to stop bullying. It was fun to hear and sing rhythmic songs! With what we learned we wrote a letter to a friend who had problems with bullying. We created posters against bullying. We will also do drama.

                Thank you for this exceptional show!

 Friends of Ms. Shepherd

Bullying Prevention in Toronto

Yesterday we visited Earl Beatty Public School in Toronto and had a great day presenting three ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies. One of the points we focused on was confidence. You need confidence to stand up to bullies or even to talk to someone about what’s going on. Have a look at the video I made in front of the school.

Stand Up Against Bullying Assemblies in Peel, Toronto and York Region Schools

We’ve recently had some of our best feedback after visiting a number of schools in Peel District School Board (PDSB), Toronto District School Board (TDSB), and York Region District School Board (YRDSB). We’ve presented to great student audiences with excellent school spirit and awesome assembly behaviour!  Here are some comments:

“Your Cyberbullying assemblies captured our grade 7,8 audience. The role plays were excellent. Thank you!”
Gina Christakis, Vice-Principal Kent Senior Public School, Toronto District School Board, Toronto Ontario

“Bruce Langford’s Stand Up To Bullying Assemblies were brilliant, absolutely brilliant!”
Maxine Prizzon, Teacher Ridgewood Public School, Peel District School Board, Mississauga Ontario

“The Stand Up Against Bullying assemblies were really, really good! The role-plays really engaged the audience!”
Frank Thomson, (Occasional Teacher) York Region District School Board, Kleinburg Public School & Mt. Albert Public School, Greater Toronto Ontario Area

Arrange assemblies for your school by contacting Bruce Langford’s Stand Up Now Productions, telephone 1-800-901-8831, e-mail info@standupnow.ca website www.standupnow.ca

Don’t Keep It Inside, Tell Someone You Trust!

Why do so many of us clam up when someone says or does something mean to us? That’s how bullying can start. I can tell you, there have been times in the past when I lacked confidence. I would question myself. Did I say something wrong? Did I give a mean impression? Honestly, we all lack confidence at certain times. We all have to build ourselves up sometimes.

One of the best ways to deal with this is by deciding not to keep these thoughts inside. Talk about it with someone you trust. Write down your ideas in a journal. Share with someone you are sure you can depend on, but other than that, keep it private.

This can really help to deal with bullying situations in your own life.  


Bullying and The Haiti Earthquake Disaster

Bullying is a huge problem in our country and in many countries. The people of Haiti are suffering desperately because of a natural disaster.
We can help deal with bullying, but we also need to be willing to help people in critical times like this in Haiti. There are many ways to help people in the Haiti earthquake zone. Google has a link on the Google home page.
Save The Children is only one of the many organizations that is working feverishly to help.
We at Stand Up Now are donating part of our proceeds to Save The Children. You can learn what Save The Children is doing by clicking on this link Save The Children

Please do what you can to help minimize bullying and also help those in Haiti.

Visit our Website at www.standupagainstbullying.com

Looking for Actors for Bullying Prevention Programs

We are searching for people to play various roles in scenarios which will be produced into videos to be used in bullying prevention programs. Do you know someone who would be interested?
Actors who participate in these videos can really help to make a difference in the life of a bullied child.

Please contact us at info@standupnow.ca

Visit our website at www.standupagainstbullying.com