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‘Be Kind On-Line’ Beat Cyberbullying Song

Here is a song we put together to help people learn how to beat cyberbullying and stay safe online. It is called:

“Be Kind On-Line” and the music & lyrics are by Bruce Langford. The song is copyright 2008. The words are below.

1. Online chatting, text messages and e-mails

This is how we check on social details

Try to be friendly, don’t put people down

This is my advice – now spread it around.

Be kind, online.


2. Words you use on line are not as private as you think

Stuff that you sent can be found out in a wink

Screens can be printed, captured or saved

You could get in trouble for the way you behaved.

Be kind, online.


3. If you show true respect for other people online

You’re showing how we all should be all the time

It’s likely that your friends will start doing it too

‘Cause you’ll set an example of what people should do.

Be kind, online.


4. You likely will become the person people respect

Never really knowing how many you effect

Just ‘cause you made up your mind to be fair

You’re helping kids here, there and everywhere.

Be kind, online.

Just try to be kind on-line.

Weekly Character Education Pays off in Waterloo Region School

Edna Staebler School Sign, Waterloo OntarioStudents at Edna Staebler Public School in Waterloo (Waterloo Region District School Board) believe in the value of Character Education. We visited the school yesterday, and were greeted warmly by the students and staff. Principal, Mr. Jeffery Parliament told us that the students have been receiving weekly character education lessons from a staff member. We could tell.

Edna Staebler Picture at Edna Staebler School

“Treat others how you want to be treated,” was a comment that came from a student early on in one of the assemblies. We talked about empathy, and about doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
“Being honest and caring can help build stronger friendships”, a grade 7 student remarked.
We talked about being careful on-line and making the right choices about on-line activities.
A student role-play made it crystal-clear that a bystander can become a person who can definitely make a difference in a given situation.

Author Edna Staebler with her cats

Mr. Parliament said he felt the assemblies were well done and liked how we changed the assemblies to be appropriate for each division.
“Our character education classes have been some of our most important classes”, a grade 8 girl told me after the intermediate assembly.
I thought about how good it feels to be in a school where character education is taken seriously by students and staff!

Flags in the lobby of Edna Staebler School

The ‘Stand Up For Respect’ Character Ed assemblies by Stand Up Now Productions all feature video, music and student role-play as well as teacher follow-up materials.
Visit www.standupforrespect.ca

Catholic Faith School Assemblies Promote Respect – Respect Stamps Out Bullying

The fact that increased respect can reduce bullying was emphasized at St. David Catholic School in Maple yesterday as speaker/presenter Bruce Langford delivered three Character Assemblies called ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’.

St. David in Foyer

Respect is a way of life at St. David Catholic School in Maple. (York Catholic District School Board YCDSB)
Principal Ms. Angel Hayes and Vice-Principal Mr. Peter Morone encourage respectful behaviour on a daily basis at St. David School. Teachers are looked up to and older students understand they are role models for the younger children.

Respect Tip # 1: Treat people right even when no one is looking.
Some people think respect just means appearing respectful or looking and acting respectful. The truth is, respect even relates to your innermost thoughts.  People who only act appropriately when they think someone that matters is watching, are missing the point.

Respect Tip # 2: Choose positive thoughts and you will grow respect.
We can all control our thoughts. Keep your thoughts respectful and your character will start to blossom. Eliminate profanity, put-downs and nasty comments from your thoughts and lips. This will help you to be a more respectful person.

These above ideas are part of our philosophy and part of what we shared in our character building assemblies at St. David Catholic School yesterday. Principal Ms. Angel Hayes and VP Mr. Peter Morone both readily agreed to be references for the ‘Stand Up Now’ assemblies letting us know they had received great feedback from staff and students.

To arrange assemblies for your school, visit our website at www.standupagainstbullying.com or call 1-800-901-8831

A tip to build solid friendships in Dufferin Peel Catholic Schools

Tip: You can build more friendships if you are always honest with people. Honesty is a very important part of friendships that is sometimes overlooked. What might seem like the smallest lie can still hurt a friendship in a big way. Even if no one ever finds out about the lie, it is still a lie. It is a dishonest part of you that lives inside you. Start today. Make up your mind to stick to the truth. Be committed to integrity and don’t stray from being completely truthful.
The above friendship and respect tip was included as part of our ‘Stand Up For Respect’ presentations today at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School in Mississauga  (DPCDSB). We met many students at St. Elizabeth Seton who obviously are committed to being respectful people. Students thought about the many aspects of respect as they watched role-plays and videos about the topic. Teachers and students told us that the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies helped kids understand how even one person can make a big difference when they make a choice on the side of respect. Just remember, Stand Up For Respect in your daily life and do your best to be honest.
Bruce Langford presents programs on respect, bullying and cybersafety in school boards across Ontario. The ‘Stand Up Now’ website is www.standupnow.ca

Ottawa students stamp out bullying at Farley Mowat School (OCDSB)

Farley Mowat Public School SignFarley Mowat Public School in Ottawa is a place where we met passionate students who are totally set to stamp out bullying. Here are some of their comments:
“Thanks for helping us learn more about bullying and how to STOP it. We can STOP it!”
Grade 4 student

Farley Mowat Public School Building, Ottawa“Awesome show – really enjoyed the music video and the songs. It helped me understand what I can do.”
Grade 5 student

“The play was really good. This would make a bully think, why would I do this. And it would help reduce bullying for sure.”
Grade 5 student


Famous Farley Mowat School Wolf Mascot

Famous Farley Mowat School Wolf Mascot

“It will help people realize how a bullied person would feel.”
Gr 4 student

Princpal, Ms. Judy-Anne Brush complimented the program and Vice-Principal, Ms. Anna Lyall said she would definitely recommend the ‘Stand Up Against Bullying’ assemblies to other schools.
To arrange to have Bruce Langford present assemblies at your school, call 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

Farley Mowat

Students at Farley Mowat Public School, Ottawa (OCDSB) are determined to:

* Speak Up when they see bullying behaviour.

* Be positive role-models around the school and community

* Use positive language that will stop bullies in their tracks

* Ignore people who say bullying will always exist

These students are an inspiration!

Pink Shirt Stop Bullying Day at Alloa School in Brampton

Stand Up Against Bullying Day at Alloa School

It was a sea of pink at Alloa Public School in Brampton today as Bruce Langford presented Stand Up Against Bullying Assemblies to the students. Pink shirts, pink bracelets, pink hair, pink socks, pink sweaters hats and pants all helped get the point across to Stand Up Against Bullying.  Role-plays about how bystanders can change to make a difference helped the students realize that even ONE PERSON can help to reduce bullying. That ONE PERSON can be YOU. Principal, Mrs. Margret Lane is passionate about helping all Alloa students understand how to deal with bullying and how to help stop it. Yes, ONE PERSON CAN help reduce bullying and that ONE PERSON can be YOU!
Contact Bruce Langford of Stand Up Now Productions to present assemblies at your school on bullying, respect or cyberbullying. 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca

York Region Bullying Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week

Poplar Bank Public School students and staff were totally on board with their determination to conquer bullying on Friday. Teacher/Presenter, Bruce Langford offered three different assemblies to the students with videos, songs and role-plays by Poplar Bank’s own students. Vice-Principal Jennifer Diceman expressed her satisfaction with all that she saw and heard in the assemblies.Poplar Bank Public School Picture
“Speak up, tell an adult”, one student said when commenting about bullying. Another talked about helping her friend in a bullying situation. “We can all make a difference, if we really try!”, claimed one grade 7 student. Many students were extra pumped because they remembered DJ Benny DL from a previous visit last year when they remembered the ‘Cyberbullying – Got 2 Go’ assembly. “Will you sing that same song about passwords again?” one student asked before the show. 

Poplar Bank Bell

We learned a little history about Poplar Bank as well. The original Poplar Bank School was built of logs and was located at Yonge Street and Poplar Bank Sideroad. It was replaced in 1862 and used until 1965.  Poplar Bank

Old Poplar Bank School Building

has some of it’s history on display including the bell from the old school house.
Contact Bruce Langford at ‘Stand Up Now Productions’ 1-800-901-8831 to book assemblies for your school.

Building respect assembly in Waterloo Region District Schools

Building a better world, one student at a time.
This is the slogan at New Dundee Public School near Kitchener, Ontario.
These students really understand RESPECT. They work on these things every day:

  1. Friendly language

    New Dundee Dragon

  2. Including others
  3. Cooperation
  4. Helping each other
  5. Being polite

New Dundee Principal, Mrs. Debbie Scholl makes sure the students are thinking about respect. She has made sure the walls are covered with positive messages and character-building reminders. See for yourself. Even the New Dundee Dragon mascot is a respectful fellow! Here are just a few of the positive messages we saw here at New Dundee Public School.

Mrs. Scholl was totally enthusiastic about the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies.
“You really made respect come alive to our children!”, she exclaimed. “We were completely delighted!”
Mrs. Deb Scholl, Principal, New Dundee Public School

Cyberbullying taken seriously at Coledale School where meanness is not tolerated

Coledale Public School Cyberbullying Program

Cyberbullying Program at Coledale Public School

The 7 steps to Cyber-safety were talked about and taken seriously by students and staff at Coledale Public School in Toronto (Markham) on Friday.

Step # 4: Never meet people you have met on the web.

The above cyber-safety/internet tip was highlighted in a role-play where two girls arranged to meet someone at the mall. This was no stranger. After all, one of the girls had been chatting on-line with ‘Georgina’ for three months. Suddenly she was in town for a swim meet and offered to meet in the food court at the local mall. Gasps could be heard from the audience when it turned out ‘Georgina’ was not a 13 year old girl at all, but in fact a 43 year old man.
Police became involved and the potential victims were protected from the close call.

Following the assembly, we talked personally with some staff members who commented:
“The role-plays really drove home the points about misrepresentation on the internet and I loved your songs as well. We were very pleased with the Stand Up Now assemblies at Coledale!”
Donna McGann, Principal, Coledale Public School, Markham Ontario, York Region District School Board

“Bruce Langford tapped into the multiple intelligences with his dynamic, clear, engaging way of reaching the audience. This was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen at all the schools I’ve been at!”
Karen Monteith, Teacher, Coledale Public School, Markham Ontario.

Bruce Langford of Stand Up Now Productions can be contacted at 1-800-901-8831 or through the website at www.standupnow.ca

3 Tips to Help Build Positive School Communities

Dougall Avenue School, WindsorDougall Avenue Public School in Windsor is diligent about building positive communities. I’m sure the Greater Essex County District School Board is proud of the work that is being done at Dougall to grow respect and build an even more positive community. As part of Stand Up Now Productions, we were honoured to be part of the initiative at Dougall today, to teach and encourage students and staff to ‘Stand Up For Respect’ through three interactive assemblies.

Dougall Avenue Public School, Windsor On

If you want to help build your own positive community, just follow the lead of Dougall Public School and Principal Clayton Callow.
1. Diversity – Embrace the differences of the people you meet on a daily basis. Being open to the rich diversity of our people is a truly rewarding experience. Over 50 nations are represented at Dougall Avenue Public School.
2. Diligence – apply a constant and earnest effort in order to accomplish your goal of building a stronger and more vital community. Don’t let up!
3. Determination – Keep your focus in constant sight and stay on course with genuine effort.

As visitors today, it was apparent to us that students and staff take community building seriously.
Principal Clayton Callow said he was pleased with the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies and Child and Youth Worker, Noelle Papak was also very appreciative:
“All three assemblies were excellent. The students loved the set-up, the music and the DJ. The intermediate assembly really met the needs of our staff and students at Dougall. Bruce did a great job of giving our grade 7’s & 8’s a chance to speak and be heard in a diplomatic way!” (Noelle Papak, CYW, Dougall Ave PS)

For more information on ‘Stand Up Now’ assemblies, contact Bruce Langford at 1-800-901-8831 or visit the website at www.standupnow.ca