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Oscar Peterson PS Bullying Prevention & Respect – Peel District School Board Mississauga

Respect was the theme of the day on Monday as Stand Up Now Productions visited Oscar Peterson Public School to present three assemblies. Principal, Ms. Judy Richards explained that ‘respect’ is an ongoing theme at the school and she welcomed strategies the children could use immediately. Here are some comments we received from the students after the assemblies:    “The BennyDL video was really funny and helped me remember ways to show respect.”
“I liked the acting because I learned how to speak up to a bossy person.”

“The songs were awesome, especially the ‘Respect’ song at the end.”

We had a great time being visitors for the day and we were certainly treated with respect by all the students and staff we met. Stand Up Now Productions will visit your school with presenter Bruce Langford. See the website at

York Region Bullying Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week

Poplar Bank Public School students and staff were totally on board with their determination to conquer bullying on Friday. Teacher/Presenter, Bruce Langford offered three different assemblies to the students with videos, songs and role-plays by Poplar Bank’s own students. Vice-Principal Jennifer Diceman expressed her satisfaction with all that she saw and heard in the assemblies.Poplar Bank Public School Picture
“Speak up, tell an adult”, one student said when commenting about bullying. Another talked about helping her friend in a bullying situation. “We can all make a difference, if we really try!”, claimed one grade 7 student. Many students were extra pumped because they remembered DJ Benny DL from a previous visit last year when they remembered the ‘Cyberbullying – Got 2 Go’ assembly. “Will you sing that same song about passwords again?” one student asked before the show. 

Poplar Bank Bell

We learned a little history about Poplar Bank as well. The original Poplar Bank School was built of logs and was located at Yonge Street and Poplar Bank Sideroad. It was replaced in 1862 and used until 1965.  Poplar Bank

Old Poplar Bank School Building

has some of it’s history on display including the bell from the old school house.
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Building respect assembly in Waterloo Region District Schools

Building a better world, one student at a time.
This is the slogan at New Dundee Public School near Kitchener, Ontario.
These students really understand RESPECT. They work on these things every day:

  1. Friendly language

    New Dundee Dragon

  2. Including others
  3. Cooperation
  4. Helping each other
  5. Being polite

New Dundee Principal, Mrs. Debbie Scholl makes sure the students are thinking about respect. She has made sure the walls are covered with positive messages and character-building reminders. See for yourself. Even the New Dundee Dragon mascot is a respectful fellow! Here are just a few of the positive messages we saw here at New Dundee Public School.

Mrs. Scholl was totally enthusiastic about the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies.
“You really made respect come alive to our children!”, she exclaimed. “We were completely delighted!”
Mrs. Deb Scholl, Principal, New Dundee Public School

Cyberbullying Assemblies in Toronto (Brampton) Ontario

Bruce Langford as DJ Benny DL

Cyberbullying Assemblies to teach students about cyber-safety and the virtual world in Toronto. St. Jean Brebeuf hosted Bruce Langford and Stand Up Now Productions today with ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies and ‘Cyberbullying – Got 2 Go’.

Cyberbullying Tip: Always unplug your webcam when you are not using it or cover the lens if your webcam is built into your computer.

That was one of the tips we shared with Grade 7 and 8 students during the talk today.
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