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Five Basic Ways to Show Respect and Eliminate Bullying

St. Ann Catholic School in Ancaster Ontario was the location of our ‘Stand up For Respect’ programs yesterday.  The students were excited and it showed! (St. Ann School looks incredible with it’s regal white columns as you can see in the photo).

Unbelievable enthusiasm filled the gymnasium. Children at St. Ann Catholic School definitely understand the meaning of the word ‘respect’. They showed respect from the moment they walked into the gym.  Principal Mr. Mike Goffredo is obviously very proud of his students. Mr. Goffredo runs a tight ship and it was clear his students have great respect for their principal.

Children came into the gym to practice role-plays for the assembly. Several students told me how happy they were to attend a school where there is almost no bullying at all. Other children remarked about how safe they feel every day within the walls of St. Ann Catholic school. What a great testament to the administration, teachers and other staff. Parents of St. Ann  children must feel thrilled to send their students to such a great school.

The children were dressed for Earth Day, so the audience was a sea of green. Participation in their schoolwide spirit day was obviously high. If the students show as much respect for each other as they do for the Earth, it must be one of the most respectable schools around.

During the ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assembly the children learned some strategies to use in order to maintain their level of respect. We watched a video which outlined some of the following respect tips:

Be polite
Include others
Play fair
Use friendly language

The assembly featured ATFM radio with DJ Benny DL at the controls. He sang songs, played commercials, and talked about treating each other in a fair and decent manner. Children laughed at the humor in Benny DL’s Rockethead video. It featured a rocket blasting around the world. It also outlined all kinds of ways to show respect to each other.

More advanced strategies were presented in the grade 6 to 8 assembly which followed the break. Students acted out role-plays, watched videos and discussed pertinent issues. After the assemblies ended students went home and encouraged their parents to come back at 6:30 PM to learn even more about bullying, cyber bullying and relationships. The parent session was funded by a subsidy made possible by the government of Ontario through a PRO grant. The assembly was well attended, with more than 20 families from St. Ann being represented. Every family in attendance received a free CD containing 14 sample songs on the topics of respect and bullying. Students acted out skits and performed for their parents. We want to thank Mr. Goffredo along with teachers students and parents from St. Ann school. What a great day!

Bruce Langford, anti-bullying advocate – www.standupforrespect.ca


Eight Top Tips to Show Respect

Respect at Vineland School

Stand Up For Respect at Vineland Public School

Today we spent an awesome day at Vineland Public School meeting children and teachers as we presented three ‘Stand Up For Respect’ assemblies. It was a pleasure to see the enthusiasm and energy from the students as we talked about the many aspects of respect. Here are some of our top tips to show respect:

  1. Be honest
  2. Be polite
  3. Take turns
  4. Be a good listener
  5. Be humble
  6. Be helpful
  7. Be considerate
  8. Encourage others
Vineland Public School Stand Up For Respect

Stand Up For Respect at Vineland Public School

As visitors to Vineland Public School, we can tell that respect plays an important role in the lives of the students. Vineland Public School Vikings Character in Action virtues for the year are: Respect / Responsibility / Integrity / Caring / Optimism / Perseverance / Courage / Cooperation.

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