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Racism and Bullying – How can we deal with it?

no racismRacism can be seen in many different forms and there are many different ways to deal with it. At school, there are resources which can be used to help children understand that racism is not ok. Videos, books, websites, games and activities have been created with the goal of reducing and eliminating racial prejudice.

As parents we can all model non-racist behaviour and make sure any racist comments on television, on-line or in reading materials are dealt with. For example, if your child is watching a YouTube video and someone makes a racist comment, be sure you deal with it. Have your child stop the video and discuss the implications of what was just said. Talk about why this comment was unacceptable. Talk about how even though racism exists, it is important to make a stand against it. Speak up if necessary. Do something. Do not let racist comments go by without addressing them.

If you are a teacher, and someone makes a racist comment, stop the Continue reading