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Sakura, Baby Metal makes a stand against bullying

Wow. Sakura (Baby Metal) has made a powerful statement – No Bullying, Ever. Here are the lyrics to the song:

No Bullying Ever, by Sakura


Sakura – No Bullying Ever

Though I wanted peace of mind,
I couldn’t even have a chance to dream.
In between the darkness and the twilight,
I stayed alone.

Really those who got hurt were
not only I myself who got actually,
(but) also those who kept on watching me.
It was you.

[Have it!]
I couldn’t have.
[Don’t be beaten!]
I kept on hiding myself.
[I dislike to be found!]
go ‘way. And good-bye to my timidness.

Bullying is, [No good!]
bullying is [No good!]
nothing to boast about. [No! No! No! No!] Continue reading